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News: Maxon’s 3D & Motion Design Show is on NOW!

maxon 3d & Design show October 13

Maxon’s 3D & Motion Design Show is back this Wednesday, October 13th. Not only will you see another batch of super talented motion graphic designers and Cinema 4D experts sharing their techniques, but check out the new features and changes to the Maxon suite of tools that came out last month.

Watch all Maxon 3D and Motion Design Shows for free at or on the Maxon YouTube channel. Interact and send in questions via chat for the live Q&A sessions with artists.


Featured speakers at the October 13 3D & Motion Design show include:

  • Elly Wade is a UK-based expert trainer and self-taught Cinema 4D artist who loves to set up fast ways to create beautiful mograph designs with quick workflows for combining them with After Effects.
  • Matt Umney is another expert software trainer for Maxon who specializes in Cinema 4D. As well as producing a range of animation and motion design online tutorials, he is also an experienced lecturer in Art and Design and is always looking for exciting new challenges.
  • Chris Schmidt is a longstanding Cinema 4D legend who channeled his expertise to become the founder of Rocket Lasso, which has provided numerous workflow-enhancing plugins and tutorials for the Maxon Cinema 4D community for many years. Chris can also be found on Twitch every Wednesday, as he dives into an endless variety of topics and tackles questions live from the audience.
  • Jonathan Winbush is a Hollywood-based motion graphics artist and founder of Winbush Immersive, with over a decade of experience working in a wide array of mediums from traditional television to virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. He enjoys pushing creative boundaries and since 2006 has worked on a number of exciting and high-profile projects for Marvel, Warner Bros, Hasbro, Discovery Channel, and others.
  • EJ Hassenfratz is a multi-Emmy-winning freelance motion design artist and Cinema 4D Master Trainer based out of Denver, CO. His love for art started back in his youth while playing Mario Paint on SNES and constantly drawing anime. Self-taught in animation and 3D design, EJ started Eyedesyn as a way to give back to the creative community and create tutorials that were accessible to anyone of any level of experience.

Wednesday, October 13: Maxon’s 3D & Motion Design Show Schedule

All times are PT.

  • 08:30 “Maxon News and Announcements” with Paul Babb 
  • 09:00 “Cinema 4D 2021 Feature Review” with Elly Wade
  • 10:30 “Tips for Speeding Up Your C4D Workflow” with EJ Hassenfratz
  • 12:00 “Getting Unreal with Winbush” with Jonathan Winbush
  • 13:30 “Exploring What’s New in Cinema 4D R25” with Chris Schmidt

Maxon Cinema 4D Subscription

Maxon Cinema 4D Subscription

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Maxon Cinema 4D R25 Compatiblity List

Maxon Cinema R25 Compatibility – The Definitive List

We’re elated about the release of Maxon Cinema 4D R25. But, as with any major release, the issue of compatibility comes into play. Developers are working diligently to make sure everything will work smoothly with the new R25 release.

We have put together a list of products and information to keep you informed about plug-ins and product compatibility. It’s all in our new FAQ, so check it out!

Maxon Cinema R25 Compatibility

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