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Midweek Motivation: Looking for Leia

miweek motivation looking for leia

LOOKING FOR LEIA is a seven part docu-series, by Annalise Ophelian, about women as well as non-binary fans who found identity, connection, and purpose in their love of the galaxy far, far away.  The Docu-series generated over 100 interviews in a 14 month period of time, and quickly transcribing all this material would have been a hard task without the use of Digital Anarchy Transcriptive.  The series was acquired by SYFY and premiered on the channel and on SYFY WIRE in December 2019, where it aired until December 2020.

Digital Anarchy “LOOKING FOR LEIA” Testimonial

Documentary filmmaking generates a lot of material, and incorporating new software into an already established production workflow is not always easy. Ophelian recognizes there was a learning curve before she could fully take advantage of Transcriptive’s automated transcription, search, and text editing tools. However, she guarantees that learning how to best incorporate Transcriptive into the Looking For Leia post-production workflow was time well spent….

It didn’t take long for the Looking for Leia team to get used to Transcriptive. Before the plugin, the transcription side of her post-production would often take 2 – 3 months. With Transcriptive, they were able to generate 60 interview transcripts in 6 working days, which allowed Ophelian to focus on the creative side of her filmmaking work. “Because Transcriptive is so efficient and budget-friendly, I have more time and money to devote to other aspects of post-production. Like all things in post, find a Transcriptive workflow that works for you. Do one or two transcripts to start with and experiment with the export format, figure out what works best for you. And the team at Digital Anarchy are great with answering questions,” Ophelian concludes.

Read the article: Award-winning documentary filmmaker uses Transcriptive to save time and focus on the creative aspects of video production. (it’s about half way down the page)




More Info about LOOKING FOR LEIA

This seven part docu-series highlights under-represented stories of participatory fandom and transformative works, and is suitable for all grade levels.

The series was acquired by SYFY and premiered on the channel and on SYFY WIRE in December 2019, where it aired until December 2020.

LOOKING FOR LEIA is now available for educational and classroom screening.

Info about the team on the film:


Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Rough Cutter

Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Rough Cutter

Transforming Transcription, Search & Video Editing

Creating text-based video edits in Premiere Pro and online is now easier than ever. Transcriptive Rough Cutter for Premiere, the PowerSearch metadata search engine and Transcriptive Web App make it easy to transcribe and edit your video by editing text. Their integration with Premiere Pro and each other allows Adobe users to create collaborative, transcript-based rough cuts in Premiere Pro and quickly share transcripts online. By using either the Rough Cut or Selects editing workflow, Transcriptive Rough Cutter provides two powerful ways to assemble video in Premiere.

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