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Rise Up Animation Inspiration + Free Animation Portfolio Feedback for POC

Rise Up Animation

Rise Up Animation YouTube Channel

The YouTube Channel for Rise Up Animation has some interesting new videos in the past week. Check them out.

Finding Your Voice | Aphton Corbin and Michael Yates

Frank Abney, who you may recognize, is a Dreamworks animator. He and Bobby Pontillas interview Aphton Corbin and Michael Yeats, storyboard artists for Pixar.

Paths to Animation: From Engineers to Effects Artists

This is an interview video featuring Erin Ramos and Dale Mayeda, who are Disney animators!

In addition, you can check out Rise Up Animation on Instagram here.

Rise Up Animation Portfolio Feedback

In an effort to support all People of Color in the animation industry, Rise Up Animation is offering free animation portfolio feedback.  This is a great opportunity to talk with a mentor (via Zoom) about whatever you want to focus on, including 2D animation, stop motion, modeling, rigging, production, or a variety of other animation topics.

In an effort to make a change in the animation industry, “RISE UP Animation” will offer free portfolio feedback to people of color. We’re excited to meet unique artists with diverse backgrounds and different skill levels including high school, college, professional or animation enthusiasts! … We’re looking forward to helping you RISE UP in the animation industry!

Sign up for a Portfolio Feedback Session!

It looks like registration for their February sessions is finished, but apparently, you can still register for future feedback sessions.

Register here

They’ve added this *Disclaimer*: Rise Up Animation is not affiliated with any animation studio. The mentors are all volunteering outside of work hours and DO NOT represent a company, please respect their time and privacy. This is strictly a feedback session and is NOT an interview for a potential job. Thank you for understanding.

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