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Midweek Motivations: ‘I Will Wait’ Lockdown Short by Riingo Banerjee

Midweek Motivations: 'I Will Wait' Lockdown Short by Riingo Banerjee

Arnab Riingo Banerjee is a director, writer, and editor in India. We’ve been friends on Facebook for several years. He put together a passionate and contemplative COVID-19 Lockdown short with some of his friends, using WhatsApp for communication and planning. The theme of the film is childhood dreams. I asked Riingo a few questions about making his inspiring short film.

Toolfarm: The whole film took only 4 days to produce from start to finish?! That’s amazing. How were you able to create such a beautiful film so quickly?

Riingo:  From ideation to post-ready, it took us 4 days. Once the idea was shared, friends were prompt and their footage was with us in just 24 hours. The rest was all about finishing it up in our studio.

Toolfarm: That’s amazing. I am so curious about how you were able to direct from a distance.

Riingo: The entire brief was done in a video and friends were told to use certain angles on their phones. The do’s and don’ts were listed down. I believe if you brief people right, the job will be done right.

Indeed. I asked him about putting together stock footage and about his post-production process. He licensed the stock footage from Shutterstock and Video Hive. He edited “I Will Wait” on Final Cut Pro X and used Filmconvert, Cinema Grade, and mFilmlooks from motionVFX for color grading. But, it wasn’t just the video that was produced over a long distance.

Riingo: The music was produced in-house with the vocals were recorded on phones and mailed to us. It was mixed at our end.

I Will Wait – COVID-19 Lockdown Short by Arnab Riingo Banerjee

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 Inspirations: A Conversation with Filmmaker Riingo BanerjeeInspirations: A Conversation with Filmmaker Riingo Banerjee

This was an interview from late 2013 with Riingo.

Digital filmmaker Arnab Riingo Banerjee has been doing films with his company, Ring A Bell Films. Riingo talks about color grading his love of Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks and Mojo.

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