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New: 7 New FxFactory FXPacks Now Available at Toolfarm

new fxpacks

We’ve added 7 new packs to the FxFactory family of products from PremiumVFX, idustrial Revolution, Century Creatives and Effects Workshop.  These plug-ins are great for creating titles, transitions, animations and so much more!  Try one today with a free demo!

Century Creatives Utility Kit

Century Creatives Utility Kit

Bold titles, animations and transitions

Utility Kit gives you bold titles, animations and transitions with a modern, minimalist look for Final Cut Pro.

This is a simple and effective template, use Utility Kit to spread your story or to promote products and services, creative and minimalistic design widely editable, present yourself as a professional with just a few clicks.

Learn MoreTry Century Creatives Utility Kit for free!



Century Creatives Autosizing Titles

Century Creatives Autosizing Titles

Auto Fit to any Font

Autosizing Titles is a set of titling templates that size themselves automatically to fit any text and font selection, available exclusively for Final Cut Pro.

Save time using this project with automatic shape adjustment for any font, the project still has several resolutions available and a super intuitive editing panel, modular structure, 4K, infinite possibilities.

Learn MoreTry Century Creatives Autosizing Titles for free!



Century Creatives Ultimate Neons

Century Creatives Ultimate Neons

Neon Lights for Final Cut Pro

Ultimate Neons gives you realistic neon effects, titles, logo revealers and lower thirds for Final Cut Pro.

Get a realistic Neon Effect in just a few clicks, a package with Titles, Lower Thirds, Logo Reveals and FX, everything you need to make your project amazingly bright, count on a super easy to use customization panel, the possibilities are endless.

Learn MoreTry Century Creatives Ultimate Neons for free!



idustrial revolution XEffects Insta Splits

idustrial revolution XEffects Insta Splits

Splits and grids for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok Videos

XEffects Insta Splits are a set of animating grid layout plugins for Final Cut Pro. They have been designed especially for vertical video (9:16) projects.

Build your split grid from halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, eighths or ninths. Or, any combination by mixing and matching sizes.

Build a whole screen or show multiple images in a collage grid, the plugin does all the pixel-perfect hard maths.

Each plugin has a section of customisable animations in/out and adjustable speed. Reframe the contents, add a tint, up the contrast or go black and white.

Adjustable overlay grids are supplied to add borders. Horizontal and vertical grid lines can be toggled on/off to make asymmetric grids.

Add these grid composites to your Instagram, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok videos on social media to look great, add impact and stop people scrolling past them!

There are over 70 plugins giving many, many layout variations.

Learn MoreTry idustrial revolution XEffects Insta Splits for free!


Effects Workshop Adventure Titles

Effects Workshop Adventure Titles

Titles for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts

Adventure Titles gives you 25 creative, outdoor inspired titling templates for Final Cut Pro.

Learn MoreTry Effects Workshop Adventure Titles for free!



PremiumVFX Clean Slideshow

PremiumVFX Clean Slideshow

Elegant presentation templates

Clean Slideshow gives you elegant templates with built-in transitions to present your content in Final Cut Pro.

Searching for a minimalist and elegant set of presentation templates? Clean Slideshow is what you want.

With modular structure, this plugin can be used the way you want with many customization options.

Very easy to use, just drag and drop and customize it the way you want.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Clean Slideshow for free!


PremiumVFX Editor Advanced Kit

PremiumVFX Editor Advanced Kit

Intuitive Tools in a Single Package

Looking for a plugin to fill all your advanced editing needs? Editor Advanced Kit is all you want!

The ultimate all-in-one collection for professional editors.

The plugin has awesome 4 free gifts for you! Download the trial to get them all.

Plus, you have 50+ premium elements, if you choose to buy it.

Easy to use. Drag and drop to your timeline to get instant results.

Learn MoreTry PremiumVFX Editor Advanced Kit for free!



Note: All of these products require FxFactory to run, which is a Free Demo!

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