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New: BOOM Library Tropical Jungle is Now Available

boom library tropical jungle

Enhance your productions with BOOM Library’s new immersive jungle and rainforest ambiance. The Tropical Jungle collection captures the vibrant, untamed spirit of Central and South America’s deep jungles and cloud forests.

From the rushing, roaring rainfall to the haunting calls of exotic wildlife like prowling howler monkeys and singing flocks of toucans, every sound is professionally recorded in immersive 3D surround. Whether you’re crafting a tropical paradise for a film or adding lush, natural layers to your game, these authentic rainforest ambiences will transport your audience to the wildest corners of nature.  It’s available in 3d Surround and Stereo.

Tropical Jungle

Tropical Jungle is a must-have library filled with quality ambiances for dense, thick, lively, natural, or even otherworldly environments including:

  • Rainforests
  • Weather Day & Night
  • Rich Wildlife (incl. Monkeys)
  • Insect Choruses
  • Tropical Birds
  • Frogs

Tropical Jungle 3D Surround


Rich recordings of cloud forests high in Central America and remote locations deep in the Amazon, captured in detail and complexity, delivered with the utmost authenticity, are what make this library so special.


High-quality nature ambiences are crucial for setting the immersive sense for any tropical outdoor scene, level, or location. TROPICAL JUNGLE makes it easy and satisfying: Simply select from a wide range of carefully organized ambiences.

Included are a wide range of sounds with various levels of activity and space, with which you can create the exact, luscious soundscape you need for your project. This immersive 3D audio format is designed to provide an engaging experience while still being compatible with older systems.

To provide for the most effective use of these sounds, the duration of each wildlife ambience and tropical jungle sound typically averages well over 5 minutes.


Alongside the ORTF-3D files, the 3D SURROUND edition conveniently includes all files in stereo, saving you time on unnecessary conversions. Instead, you can immediately utilize these fantastic new sounds for any of your projects that don’t necessarily require surround sound.

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Tropical Jungle Stereo

You Only Need This Library In Stereo? Here You Go! Same Quality, Same Content

Are you interested in the TROPICAL JUNGLE source recordings, but don’t need the surround version? Identical recordings of the same caliber are provided in the stereo version, but at a more affordable price.

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boom library tropical jungle behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

From howling monkeys to Amazon atmospheres, read on how BOOM Library’s recordist Matt Mikkelsen trekked through the wild jungles of Central and South America to capture some of the rarest sounds for their latest library, TROPICAL JUNGLE – 3D SURROUND AMBIENCES.

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