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INSYDIUM has released X-Particles Build 1030 with a new physics engine, updated UI and more.  Plus, X-Particles is now part of INSYDIUM Fused, a collection of all of INSYDIUM’s products, plug-in and benefits.

Press Release

X-Particles Update – Build 1030, July 2021

With the latest X-Particles Update you’ll find that much of our UI has been updated, delivering a cleaner workflow. Of course, we’ve added some great new and updated features too.
We’re delighted to announce the introduction of Bullet, the industry-standard physics engine, into X-Particles. Our brand new xpBullet simulates collision detection as well as rigid body dynamics. Sitting within the X-Particles framework xpBullet provides so many possibilities. 
We’ve also focused on additions and improvements to xpOpenVDB and xpShatter.

The latest X-Particles Release Update is available to all users with an active Subscription, everyone who buys a new license, and existing customers within their Maintenance Period.

New Features


  • Rigid Body Tag – xpBullet brings the industry-standard Bullet physics engine into the X-Particles framework.


  • Color shards from particles – Takes the particle color and passes it into each shatter shard.
  • Bricks mode – Generates brick and rock walls.
  • Ngon display – Presents Ngons rather than triangulated meshes for a cleaner line display.
  • Detailing – Adds noise maps to the shard faces for more realistic shatters.
  • Trigger on Bullet – Collisions with Bullet based objects create trigger-to-trigger shatter.


  • Displays, Voxels and Fog (points) – New display modes for how VDBs are shown in the viewport, voxels and fog.
  • OpenVDBLoader – Load and render exported VDB Data.
  • UV Advection – UV advect textures based on the particle data giving you fluid effects on the texture maps.
  • Transfer Foam – Generates a vertex map based on xpFoam data to use in rendering and other visual effects.
  • Field for Filters – Use Cinema 4D fields and falloffs to define filter areas within the mesh.


  • General UI update and full UI updates on xpShatter and xpOpenVDB for a cleaner workflow.
  • Full support for Apple M1 Macs.

What is INSYDIUM Fused?

If you’re in your Maintenance Period, not only will you receive the latest X-Particles Build, you’ll also gain INSYDIUM Fused – their collection of plugins, products and benefits.

If you’re already an X-Particles Customer, you can convert your X-Particles License into your INSYDIUM Fused License at no extra cost. Information on how to do this will be available on INSYDIUM’s website.

INSYDIUM Fused provides everything an artist needs in one complete collection.

INSYDIUM Fused Benefits:

  • X-Particles
  • Fused benefits
    • TerraformFX
    • MeshTools
    • Cycles 4D
    • All 3D Resource packs
    • Premium Training
    • Maintenance Training
    • Technical Support
    • Exclusive Content Repository files
    • Historic builds

Everything you need to create stunning particle effects, realistic terrains and fulfil modelling tasks through to final render. Plus, all our available 3D Resources, many hours of Training, Technical Support, and Content Repository files.

The Fused Maintenance Agreement and Subscription prices have stayed the same; you are simply gaining more plugins, products, and benefits.

You must log in to your Customer Account and convert your X-Particles license to receive X-Particles build 1030, now part of the INSYDIUM Fused Collection.

About INSYDIUM Fused and how to access your new benefits

Remember, you need to be in your Maintenance Period to be able to access our Fused Collection. If your license is in its Reactivation or Last Chance Period, you will need to buy a new Fused Maintenance Agreement. Once you purchase, you will receive all the items listed above via your Customer Account.

I’m in my Maintenance Period; how do I access INSYDIUM Fused?

Step 1 Visit your Customer Account; log in using the email address your license is registered to.

Step 2 Once you’re logged into your Customer Account, you’ll need to activate your new Fused license by clicking the Convert Now button.

  • After your X-Particles license has been converted, you will see a new license within your Customer Account starting ‘IFL.’
  • This license starting with IFL, replaces your previous X-Particles license.

Step 3

  • This license can then be used to download the INSYDIUM Fused Collection in one installation package.
  • Once installed, you can access TerraformFX, MeshTools, and Cycles 4D via the INSYDIUM drop-down menu.
  • You can also choose which of the 3D Resources to download separately via your Customer Account.


Learn More about Fused Perpetual     Learn More about Fused Annual Subscription

Learn more about Fused Maintenance Agreement



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