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New: INSYDIUM Fused September 2022 Release is Out Now

insydium fused fall update

INSYDIUM has just released a big update to Fused, the complete INSYDIUM collection.  This update includes a new growth feature for Taiao, updates for MeshTools and TerraformFX, a new GPU particle and simulation system called NeXus and it is fully compatible with Cinema 4D 2023.


All INSYDIUM products in one collection

INSYDIUM Fused contains all of INSYDIUM’s products in one complete collection. Everything you need to create stunning GPU accelerated particle effects, plant animations, realistic terrains and fulfil modeling tasks through to the final render. Plus, all their available Library Assets and Technical Support.

INSYDIUM Fused consists of:

  • X-Particles
  • Taiao
  • TerraformFX
  • MeshTools
  • Cycles 4D
  • 3D Resource Packs
  • PremiumTraining
  • Maintenance Training
  • Technical Support
  • Content Repository

The full collection is only available if your license has Maintenance or you have a Subscription.

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What’s new in Fused?


This Update includes a brand-new addition to the Fused Collection – NeXus, a GPU particle and simulation system that integrates perfectly into the X-Particles ecosystem. NeXus harnesses the power of Vulkan. Our cross-platform particle simulation framework brings fluids, grains, constraints and particle modifiers onto the GPU.

To receive our new plugin, you will need to have either a Subscription or a license in Maintenance. One of the benefits of being in Maintenance is your access to NeXus.



We’ve also introduced a new feature in Taiao. Our new Growth tab gives you control over branches, which can be added dynamically. Fields now work with leaves, flowers and custom objects. Users can animate leaves growing on a tree, driven by Fields.


In addition, MeshTools has an update to mtEdgeSpline, a new offset with count and rotation. Furthermore, the new mtFractal, a procedural fractal tool, enables you to generate intricate fractals using preset patterns.


TerraformFX has a new feature – tfWarp, which distorts the input height field using a low-res control grid of 2D displacement vectors.  As a result, users can shape their landscape, paint in curves, sculpt a river and, by adding in more grid points, can create even more detail.

Exciting new resources

INSYDIUM has released a range of new Library Assets to help you create content quickly and easily

insydium fused library plantsLibrary Assets – Taiao Preset Pack

Get up and running fast with our Taiao Preset Pack. Build flowers, plants and trees, quickly and easily.

  • 10 Succulents
  • 20 Flowering plants
  • 30 Trees



insydium fused nature materialsNature Materials Pack

Inspired by nature, our 120 high-resolution drag-and-drop materials mean you can replicate the beauty of nature in no time.

Created using photogrammetry, each leaf is supplied with a front and a back variation. Both complete leaves and barks have all channels needed for full PBR material setups, color, height, normal, roughness, AO and alpha.

Available in 1K, 2K, and 4K resolution for use in any 3D render engine or compositing application.

  • 60 cropped leaves
  • 70 complete leaves
  • 50 Barks


New Maintenance Benefit

All licenses in Maintenance and Subscriptions now include a complimentary extra seat*. Single seat licenses can now be used on two machines at once. If your license falls out of Maintenance, the additional seat is removed, another great reason to stay in Maintenance.

* 1 complimentary seat per customer


How do I access the Update?

If you have a Subscription or are in Maintenance, you’ll receive this Update automatically, as long as you have enabled your Online Updater. Alternatively, you can download the latest Update from your Customer Account.

If your license is out of maintenance, you can buy the Fused Maintenance. Once you purchase, you can download our latest Release Update via your Customer Account.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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