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New: MNTRA Vespera is Now Available + Special Introductory Pricing

mntra vespera sale

MNTRA Vespera is a hybrid electro-acoustic synthesizer crafted to explore physical vibratory re-synthesis, and is the first installment of their Acoustic Synthesis line.  Get it now and save up to 34% with special introductory pricing.  Sale ends June 10, 2024.


MNTRA  Vespera

MNTRA Vespera

Transformed Tube Driven Modular Synth

The first installment of our Acoustic Synthesis line, Vespera is a hybrid electro-acoustic synthesizer crafted to explore physical re-synthesis. This instrument utilizes heavily driven tube modular synth oscillations meticulously re-amped and resonated through various physical objects. Vespera transmutes both these sources into a deeply expressive polyphonic instrument that responds intuitively to your slightest touch with SSM™ powered 128+ velocity capability, offering deep reactive sonic variation that surpasses the capabilities of traditional hardware or virtual synths.

Vespera come in 2 editions, Pro and Standard:

Pro Edition:

Featuring extended ranges spanning a 6-octave keyboard range and up to 13 round robins, reproducing all the natural random variations that occur when you retrigger the same key. Crafted for professionals and live-performing musicians who want to utilize Vespera’s full expressive capabilities without compromise. A performant system with at least 32 GB of RAM is recommended.

*Purchasing the Pro Edition grants full additional access to the Standard Edition*

MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $69.00

Standard Edition:

Delivers the same exceptional sound sources and presets as the Pro edition but memory-optimized to 1 round-robin per note and a 4-octave keyboard range. Perfect for creators with more limited systems specs, the Standard edition provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of Vespera while maintaining overall quality and RAM performance.

MSRP: $59.00 SALE: $39.00

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The Story of Vespera

The result of extensive sonic experimentation focused on acoustic synthesis, Vespera is a hybrid electro-acoustic synthesizer that seamlessly merges the raw distortion of tube-driven circuits with the innate resonance of physical objects. Each oscillation undergoes a complete transformation by painstaking re-amping through a vibrational speaker transducer -resonating through diverse mediums, including drums with various skins, metal springs, and the sympathetic vibrations of resonant instruments such as a rare giant Indian Ezraj and a Swedish Nyckelharpa. Captured using a pair of custom Oaka Instruments Tellus pickups with extended range signal path, using custom preamps and best-in-class mastering grade AD conversion. The outcome is a diverse array of organic textures and tones that transforms the grit of the original distorted modular synth signals into completely new sounds, unlocking inspiring possibilities for sound exploration.

Powered by MNDALA 2’s Animistic Synthesis capabilities, Vespera becomes an extension of your musical expression. Its nonlinear features allow each multi-dimensional patch to resonate spontaneously, intuitively responding to the subtlest nuances of your touch. With over 128+ SSM™ powered polyphonic velocity possibilities at your disposal (powered by Sample Start Modulation), with each note, Vespera offers unprecedented subtle articulation and responsiveness to your touch, surpassing the capabilities of current traditional physical and virtual synths alike.

Vespera is not just an instrument; it’s a portal to a vast, unexplored sound-texture universe. Its deeply designed patches beckon you to venture into a realm of dark, gritty, and hauntingly beautiful sounds. Vespera‘s expansive sonic palette offers a multitude of unusual reactive variations, pushing the boundaries of traditional modular synthesis. From pulsating rhythms to ethereal atmospheres and gritty textures to haunting drones, Vespera is a limitless playground for your sonic exploration.

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First-time user of MNTRA Instruments?

All MNTRA instruments require the MNDALA 2 Free Engine

Simply install once and you will be able to run all of their instruments.

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