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New: ProtoPie Studio Now Available at Toolfarm

ProtoPie Now Available at Toolfarm

ProtoPie Studio lets you create and fully control interactive props and UI for video and film, and it’s now available at Toolfarm! It’s a prototype creation tool that allows users to craft realistic-looking scenarios with real-world interactions. Create realistic interactive user interfaces for computers and other interactive screens, web applications, phone or watch apps, games, and more for your videos that actors can actually interact with.

What is ProtoPie?

ProtoPie Studio Annual Subscription

ProtoPie Studio Annual Subscription

Create Interactive Prototypes for Visual Storytelling Perfection

Craft realistic scenarios with real-world interactions in your videos – for on-set interactive props, user interfaces and products that look and feel authentic.

Do you need a realistic interactive user interface, or phone / watch app in your video? Or an interactive web application or game in your film? No need to “track it in” in post, with ProtoPie you can create one that works, live and on-set, with real interaction!

ProtoPie is the easiest, entirely code-free prototyping tool on the market that helps design teams create realistic, high-fidelity prototypes. With ProtoPie, you can explore any interactions - from simple micro-interactions to complex, multi-screen interactions with an object, trigger, and response flow. ProtoPie lets you bring your ideas to life by creating interactive prototypes that you can touch, feel, and interact with. The #1 advanced prototyping tool for dynamic & multimodal interactions.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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