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New: Sonible pure:EQ is Now Available

sonible pure:eq

pure:EQ is the fourth addition to the pure series of Sonible products and rounds out the manditory mixing tools for any sound engineer and musician. Pure:EQ is an intelligent effects processor that has the ability to alter the tone and character of a source with ease.  It is available individually or as part of the Sonible pure:Bundle.

Sonible pure:EQ

Sonible pure:EQ

The AI-powered EQ plug-in for creators

Sonible pure:EQ is a compact, AI-powered tool that takes care of your track’s spectral balance. It offers control over spectral distribution in a simple package – transforming your track’s tone and character in just a couple of clicks.

  • Automatic parametrization for high-quality results
  • Intelligent processing and input-specific profiles
  • Balance control, style selector and dynamic adaption

pure:EQ’s neural networks are able to generate a filter curve that balances your track, making sure that the energy distribution of your audio material results in a smooth sound. In only a few seconds, pure:EQ analyzes your audio signal, finds any weak spots and then enhance your audio’s tone by deriving an EQ curve that corrects any spectral deficiencies – from harsh frequencies in need of taming to dull parts requiring serious boosting. pure:EQ knows what’s necessary for a well-balanced sound and does the job quickly and precisely.

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Sonible pure:bundle

Sonible pure:bundle

Simplicity inspires

The Sonible pure:bundle includes pure:EQ, pure:limit, pure:comp, and pure:verb. These four plug-ins are characterized by their ease of use, high-grade signal processing and prime sound quality.

  • Automatic parametrization for high-quality results
  • AI-powered processing and characteristic profiles
  • Powerful sound-shaping options

pure:EQ, pure:limit, pure:comp and pure:verb are driven by the technologies used in our smart plug-in range, and are designed with creators in mind. All four plug-ins combine the pro-level sound enhancement of our digital processing with a simplified control set.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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