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New: Sonible smart:deess is Now Available

sonible smart:deess

Sonible smart:deess is an A.I.-powered sibilance removal tool, combining plosive reduction with advanced spectral de-essing.

Sonible smart:deess

Sonible smart:deess

The content-aware de-esser

Sonible smart:deess is an A.I.-powered instinctual sibilance and plosive removal tool. Where other de-essers just reduce volume – smart:deess goes far deeper and creates a more natural, better balanced sound. By harnessing the power of a fully trained neural network, smart:deess identifies the exact start and end points of phonemes without the need to set a threshold. And thanks to its ability to process the entire phoneme using spectral processing, you’ll never want to go back to your old de-esser.

  • Tackle de-essing and plosives in voice recordings with a single plugin
  • AI processing instantly adjusts the settings according to the source material
  • “Ess” sounds can be fully shaped and refined, not just turned down

The Content-Aware Approach

smart:deess analyzes the signal’s actual content – not just the level of one frequency band – before it decides what to do. As soon as you load the plugin on a channel, smart:deess builds a ‘voiceprint’ of the input voice signal and starts balancing any sibilants and plosives that are present. Your job then is to review the analysis and refine the results. smart:deess allows you to spend time on getting the sound you want, rather than correcting the sound you don’t want.

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smart:deess is also available as part of the Sonible smart:bundle.

Sonible smart:bundle

Sonible smart:bundle

Six cutting-edge plug-ins in a powerful bundle.

The Sonible smart:bundle includes smart:EQ 3, smart:comp 2, smart:reverb, smart:limit, smart:gate and smart:deess. Save 40% when buying the five plug-ins together in this bundle and give yourself 6 smart assistants for your studio.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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