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New: Synchro Arts VocAlign 6 – New Name, New Features

Synchro Arts vocalign 6 update

Synchro Arts VocAlign is the industry standard for vocal alignment, and it just got an updated interface, Process Groups, SmartPitch, for intelligently matched backing harmonies and doubles and more. Plus the name has changed from Vocalign Ultra to Vocalign Pro and Vocalign Project to Vocalign Standard.

What’s new in VocAlign v6?

Smarter, faster vocal alignment

The essential vocal editing time-saver just got an update. New features include dark-theme visuals, Process Groups, intelligently pitch-matched backing vocals with SmartPitch and more.

  • ARA compatibility with Pro Tools for a faster workflow enabling instant capture of multiple tracks and processed audio is automatically returned to the DAW in real-time.
  • Process Groups so that you can change the settings for multiple dub tracks together. Pro Only
  • SmartPitch intelligently understands when to match the pitch of your vocal performances, and crucially when not to Pro Only
  • Improved UI which is easier to use and understand
  • Undo / Redo so it’s quick and simple to experiment with different settings.
  • Improved Sync Points so ultimate editing power Pro Only


Process Groups Pro Only

Save time by quickly and accurately aligning vocal batches.

Smart Pitch Pro Only

Intelligently understands when it is necessary to apply tuning to backing vocals.

SmartAlign Pro & Standard

Intelligently aligns multiple clips to your guide track—no pre-editing needed.


Synchro Arts VocAlign Pro

Synchro Arts VocAlign Pro

Advanced Timing & Pitch Alignment Plugin

VocALign Pro is the essential vocal editing time-saver. Get tight vocals fast. Align vocal tracks instantly and effortlessly with the industry-standard vocal alignment plugin that produces pro-sounding results. VocAlign Pro offers advanced vocal timing and pitch-matching with creative vocal processing features like formant shifting and transpose.

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Synchro Arts VocALign Standard

Synchro Arts VocALign Standard

Get tight vocals fast

VocALign Standard is an essential vocal editing time-saver. VocAlign Standard, the entry-level version of Synchro Arts' award-winning vocal time-alignment plugin, is a workflow must-have for the everyday vocal producer.

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Synchro Arts Vocal Production Bundle

Synchro Arts Vocal Production Bundle

Natural Tuning & Advanced Alignment Plug-ins

Get advanced pitch and timing matching from VocAlign Pro and natural-sounding pitch correction from RePitch Standard in one powerful bundle.

Save on both VocAlign and RePitch by pairing them in a value-added bundle. Maintain a fast, DAW-based pitch correction and vocal alignment workflow and connect your plugins with our innovative SynchroLink feature.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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