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New: Xhun Audio Modflorus is Now Available + Special Intro Pricing

xhun audio modflorus

Xhun Audio Modflorus is a Dual Chorus / Flanger Processor that is designed to bring out space and width to any audio track or sound source.  It’s part of Xhun Audio’s new SnapLb Collection.  Plus, get it now and save 80% with Special Introductory Pricing, for a limited time only.


Xhun Audio ModFlorus

Xhun Audio ModFlorus

Sale: Special pricing. Limited time offer

Dual Chorus / Flanger Processor

ModFlorus is a versatile, combined stereo chorus / flanger processor unit. It is an essential tool to bring out space and width to any audio track or sound source. This is achieved by the adoption of the Advanced Component Simulation (ACS) approach. See the details tab for more info. ModFlorus is also part of The SnapLab Collection.

ModFlorus can operate in two modes – as a stereo chorus or stereo flanger effect – its knobs and parameters range will automatically adapt depending on the mode selected.

In addition to its modulated delay section, ModFlorus includes also an analogue modeled saturation circuit to push and emphasize its action – all within a clear, easy to use interface.

MSRP: $49.00 SALE: $10.00

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xhun audio snaplab collectionThe SnapLab Collection

The SnapLab lineup is a collection of carefully designed, useful and compact multi-genre virtual instruments, sound generators and effects processors.

Each one of the virtual devices in this lineup is specifically intended to have a very peculiar focus and scope, a simple, easy to use interface and it is meant to be available at a fair and affordable price.

Much more than simple gizmos – just collect ’em all !

The SnapLab Collection currently consists of KickBeat and ModFlorus.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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