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New: Zynaptiq ORANGE VOCODER & ZAP III Bundle Now Available

zynaptiq orange vocoder and zap III bundle

The ZAP III Bundle, version 3 of Zynaptiq’s ultimate bundle will now include INTENSITY and the new ORANGE VOCODER IV!  Fully reworked from the ground up, ORANGE VOCODER IV has truly been “zynaptified”, with many new features added.  Plus, both have special introductory pricing with savings of up to 40% through May 31, 2023.

What’s new in ORANGE VOCODER IV?

Version IV of ORANGE VOCODER is a massive upgrade from the classic, Prosoniq-branded Orange Vocoder AU 10AE.
What’s new? Pretty much everything, except of course for the bits you love. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Greatly expanded vocoder section, featuring formant shifting, expansion, stereo operation…and a total of 24 unique vocoding algorithms based on techniques including analog modeling, speech modeling, independent component analysis, LPC filtering, wavelet transforms, and more.
  • Completely rewritten, high quality synthesizer section including Unison and Mono Legato operation, thru-zero linear FM, comprehensive modulation options, a preset generator, and more.
  • New MIDI-controlled pitch quantizer module featuring 5 modes, including the brand-new zero-latency pitch enforcer, with grain morphing and optionally polyphonic operation.
  • New, streamlined multi-view UI with a super-streamlined workflow, including module sub-presets and smart randomization.
  • Supports AU, AAX Native, VST 2.4 and VST 3 on macOS, and AAX Native, VST 2.4 and VST 3 on Windows.
  • And More!




Multi-Algorithm Vocoder Plug-in

Combining the most comprehensive and best-sounding set of vocoding algorithms available today with laser-like pitch control effects, a powerful synthesizer, audio freezing, a super fun and efficient workflow, and tons more, ORANGE VOCODER IV is – quite simply – the ultimate vocoder plug-in.

When it comes to creating that new vocal sound, making far-out sound effects and organic* robot and creature voices, sculpting colourfully mutated music grooves, or whatever else you can dream up: this creative processing powerhouse is for you!

*…or not-so-organic-at-all, of course

MSRP: $249.00 SALE: $149.00

Learn MoreTry Zynaptiq ORANGE VOCODER IV for free!



Zynaptiq ZAP III Bundle

Zynaptiq ZAP III Bundle

The Cutting Edge, Season 3

Version 3 of the ZAP Bundle combines all ten of Zynaptiq’s critically acclaimed plugins into a single, value-packed processing suite. Create, master, transform and repair your audio with award-winning quality – add the future of audio processing to your toolkit now with ZAP III – The Zynaptiq Audio Processors Bundle, Version 3!

What’s included in the ZAP III Bundle:

  • NEW ORANGE VOCODER IV: Multi-Algorithm Vocoder
  • NEW INTENSITY: Detail | Clarity | Density | Loudness
  • UNVEIL: De-Reverberation & Signal Focusing
  • UNFILTER: Adaptive Precision Equalizer
  • UNCHIRP: Codec Artifact Removal & Transient Retrieval
  • PITCHMAP: Real-Time Polyphonic Pitch Control
  • MORPH 2: Real-Time Structural Audio Morphing
  • UNMIX::DRUMS: Boost Or Attenuate Drums In Mixed Music
  • ADAPTIVERB: Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb
  • WORMHOLE: Otherworldly Audio Effects Processor

New License: MSRP: $1,359.00 SALE: $999.00
Upgrade from ZAP II to ZAP III for only $249.00

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