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New: Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ, Artist & Hybrid

antares auto-tune new products

Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ, Artist & Hybrid are now available at Toolfarm.  The Auto-Tune family of products help you create, control and enhance your vocal productions.

Antares Auto-Tune Hybrid

Antares Auto-Tune Hybrid

For Avid DSP Systems

Auto-Tune Hybrid is the ultimate real-time tuning solution for Pro Tools and Avid DSP hardware, including Carbon interfaces, HDX systems, and VENUE | S6L live sound systems.

Auto-Tune Hybrid is the ideal solution when using Avid Pro Tools DSP hardware. Fine-tuned to perform admirably in real-time and interact with Avid’s Hybrid Engine, it offers the versatility and near zero-latency monitoring you need when recording, editing, and mixing audio using Avid’s live sound systems.

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Antares Auto-Tune Artist

Antares Auto-Tune Artist

Sale: Special pricing. Limited time offer

Optimized for Real-Time Tracking and Live Performance

Antares Auto-Tune Artist meets the demanding needs of working musicians, producers, and live sound engineers. It includes all of the advanced real-time pitch correction features of Auto-Tune Pro, and is optimized for low latency performance on stage or in the studio.

Auto-Tune Artist is the first-class choice for pitch correction and vocal enhancement. Its intuitive interface with Basic/Advanced views, low-latency optimization, and Auto-Key compatibility make Auto-Tune Artist the perfect option for music producers aiming at vocal perfection. Thanks to the cutting-edge Throat Modeling and Formant Correction technology, you’ll have complete control over the voice signal both on stage and in the studio. Finally, the Humanize effect lets you maintain the subtle variations in pitch to give your vocals a more authentic feel.

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Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

Clarity Above All.

Engineered specifically for vocals, Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ isolates and accentuates precise frequencies to make vocals sound smoother and shine in the mix.

Vocal EQ helps to shape the sound of a vocal performance. It can make the voice sound brighter or darker, add more or less bass, and adjust the overall tone. It can also reduce or remove feedback or correct any imbalances in the frequency spectrum.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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