New: Plugin Everything Deep Glow is Now Available, Special Intro Price 20% Off

New: Plugin Everything Deep Glow is Now Available, Special Intro Price 20% Off

Deep Glow generates a beautiful, physically accurate glow in After Effects, with intuitive compositing controls and GPU acceleration. Plus get it at 20% off with special introductory pricing, now through January 11, 2019.


Deep Glow gives you the best looking glow right out of the box, even whilst working in a non-linear color space. It features intuitive compositing controls to assist in refining your glow results. Deep Glow is also GPU accelerated for speed and features handy downsampling and quality controls which can also be leveraged to achieve unique results (grainy or stylised glows).

Special Introductory Price – 20% Off

MSRP: $49.95 SALE: $39.95

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Sale ends January 11, 2019.

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plugin everything bundleGet the Everything Bundle and Save 45%!

Something for every AE user, whether compositor or motion designer

Deep Glow is now a part of the Plugin Everything “Everything” bundle that includes all 9 Plugin Everything products:

  • TextBox – Draws a customizable box around text that updates with the text
  • TextDelay – Delay's transformations and opacity per character, line or word
  • KeyMix – Mix multiple keys on one layer
  • File Hunter – Hunts down missing files inside AE
  • Deep Glow – GPU accelerated, physically accurate glow simulator 
  • Effect Matte – Generates a matte that snaps to layer bounds
  • Cartoon Moblur – Generates stylish 'cartoony' motion blur
  • Bezier Node – Draws beautiful bezier curves between two points
  • OCD Renamer – Auto renames layers based on applied effects, parents, children or mattes.  

Only $119.19!  That's a 45% savings over the cost of buying them individually.

Learn More | Purchase Everything Bundle

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Posted by Kim Sternisha