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New: ePhere Ornatrix Maya v4

New: ePhere Ornatrix Maya v4

Ornatrix Maya v4 plugin brings several exciting changes and improvements to significantly enhance your experience with Ornatrix. Below, read about some of the new features in v4.

ePhere Ornatrix Maya v4 Changes and Improvements

  • New Box and unbox nodes commands
  • Can box Guides from Mesh node, allowing boxing of the whole stack
  • Groom node, containing multiple internal operators with the ability to expose custom parameters
  • Sphere generator for boxed grooms

New Graft groom tool

  • Allow setting array element values through groom parameter script
  • Cancel graft groom fitting if Escape is pressed
  • Added mirroring to graft grooms
  • Eyebrow, short hair, long hair graft groom

Performance improvements

  • Switched to Embree 3 significantly improving performance in some parts.
  • Improved hair display performance.
  • Using Embree in Ground operator, which significantly speeds it up
  • Significant performance improvements in multiple areas

Other improvements

In addition, ePhere completed work on Arnold procedural and made significant improvements to Surface Comb. We have added an option to export sink groups to channel data and exposed the sink length setting to the MEL command. We have also added an option to set sink data values based on an absolute length and dim strand channel controls in Surface Comb when not used.

Hair from Guides has also been improved with the addition of the “Hidden Guide Behavior” option for Hair from Guides (don’t generate hair for hidden guides), PartingTool: Avoid object selection when in Edit mode if there are no parting planes and multiple distribution maps.

Clump has been improved with the addition of an option to set strand groups based on clump ownership, a “Ground Displaced Roots” option, an option to exclude already clumped strands from the selection, and a Multiplier map support to the Clump Size parameter.

ePhere Ornatrix for Maya

ePhere Ornatrix for Maya

A complete hair, fur, and feather solution for Autodesk Maya

Ornatrix is a friendly operator stack workflow for building hair with tight Maya integration, and intuitive modeling tools. It can also be used for feathers and foliage.

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