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Review: Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepCreate: Stem separation and fluid audio editing with a unique workflow

deepcreate review by music tech

MusicTech looked at the new input options, instant effects and sound morphing available in Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepCreate audio system.  They were impressed with the Stem separation, speedy editing and previewing and unique sound design.  They fully explain the workflow process as it is different, but it’s part of what “makes editing a breeze.”

DeepCreate is unlike any other software that we’ve tried, and for that, the developers should be commended. It does things differently in that you’re manipulating and baking audio edits and effects into the individual waveforms in realtime, which makes it an experimental playground. You could, for example, stretch and reverse a single note from a phrase, whilst applying a reverb whose tails fall in pitch over time.

⊕ Stem separation remains one of the best we’ve tried
⊕ Fast editing and instant previewing
⊕ A sound design playground that thinks outside the box

⊖ GUI and workflow take some getting used to
⊖ Effect controls are quite basic
⊖ Can be hard to follow your edits

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Hit'n'Mix RipX DeepCreateHit'n'Mix RipX DeepCreate

Your Creative Companion

Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepCreate is a unique, easy-to-use, yet powerful audio system. Get inspired to generate original ideas and create music from scratch using any instrument, MIDI/MPE controller, microphone, stems, or samples.

Whether you’re a musician, producer, or audio professional – DeepCreate is a cutting-edge audio playground where anything goes. Connect a microphone, instrument, hardware synth, or turntable; rip your audio files and favorite VST synth presets; import and auto-assign banks of samples to your MIDI/MPE device; practice and record parts; perform or draw in automation; add groundbreaking, fluid effects, create combos of those effects, and much more.

Better yet – DeepCreate comes preloaded with a variety of hand-picked instruments, percussion, SFX, and loops to get you started.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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