Midweek Motivations: Squid Game CG Breakdowns

Midweek Motivations: Squid Game CG Breakdown

Hyungrok Kim (ROK), CG Supervisor at Gulliver Studio, a South Korean VFX house, shared a CG Breakdown of Squid Game. Great Stuff! Incidentally, Squid Game is Netflix’s most-watched series ever!

Not only that, Boom Library was used in the sound design of Squid Games!

Squid Game with All VFX Removed (Spoilers)

They explain how some practical effects were used along with computer graphics. If you’ve already watched Squid Game, you’ll enjoy this breakdown.

Boom Library Sound Design Elements

Boom Library posted about the titles that were used in the sound design of Squid Games.

Listen closely to the trailer below. You might hear elements from:

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki