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Update: Audio Design Desk – Over 1,000 New Foley Sounds

Audio design desk foley vol. 3

Audio Design Desk has just added 1,360 new foley sounds to the ADD Library called Foley Vol 3.  It features common everyday sounds such as food prep and kitchen sounds, cards and board games, coins, toys, luggage, books, and more.


We’ve just added another 1360 common Foley sounds to the Audio Design Desk library in Foley Vol 3. The entire collection was recorded by our friends at VadiSound. It features toys, balloons, luggage, books, coins, cards, board games, food preparation, kitchen sounds and more.

The role that Foley plays in a scene is adding tangible sounds to actions and objects seen on screen. So the more sounds you can add to the soundscape, the more representative it becomes of a real experience. If you want to make your projects more immersive, using common Foley sounds will probably be part of the process.

Simply hearing a page being turned, for instance, is a visceral trigger for most of us. We’ve all turned enough pages in our lives to relate to this action, but syncing sound and image makes it believable. So adding the sounds of paper rustling, a page turning, perhaps some breathing and a little movement will bring ‘real’ life to the moment. For the viewer, this is the difference between interesting and immersive.

-Audio Design Desk



Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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