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Update: Autodesk Flame v2024.1 – Next Generation Graphics Framework

autodesk flame 2024.1 update

With this update, the Autodesk Flame Family has moved to next-generation graphics frameworks for both Linux and macOS platforms. Flame artists will benefit from faster rendering times and increased interactivity, giving them more time to focus on creative work and deliver cutting-edge content. Additional updates to Flame’s Resize tool, Metadata Overlay feature, and newly qualified workstations continue to enhance the solution’s finishing and VFX workflows.

What’s new in Flame 2024.1?



Node Bins improvements, save Paste Special presets, and Metadata Overlay in Batch.


autodesk flame 2024.1 keyboard

Keyboard Shortcut Editor

The redesigned Editor makes it easier to create and edit keyboard shortcuts.

(A) Keyboard Shortcut Catalogue   (B) Search Field
(C) Keyboard Shortcut Manager  (D) Active Keyboard


Metadata Overlay

Display the Metadata Overlay in Batch, burn it on Export, and more improvements.



Improved cropping, clearer UI, and more.


More Features

Timeline & Timeline FX

Timeline and Timeline FX quality of life improvements.

Media Export

QuickTime and ProRes improvements, and Export Metadata Overlays.

Cloud Deployment

Updated Rocky Linux 8.7 AMI for a Flame Family deployment on AWS.

AVIO Updates

Driver updates for Blackmagic Design Desktop Video and for AJA, and support for AJA VPIP.


Backburner 2024.1 is part of Flame Family 2024.1 Update.

Configuration and OS

Newly qualified hardware from HP, Dell, and NVIDIA.

Conform Workflow

Conform Sony XAVC spanned clips, and Opacity from Adobe Premiere AAF.

DKU 18.1 (Linux only)

The new DKU 18.1 includes new NVIDIA drivers and an HFS+ issue fix.

Media Import

Updates for monochrome ARRIRAW content, OpenEXR 3.1.7, SonyRAW XAVC spanned clips, and SonyRAW Color Management.

Tangent Panels Support

Tangent Hub 1.8.5 is now supported by Flame Family products.

Additional enhancements

  • Burn-in Metadata easier font formatting: You now format a font to bold and italic directly from Burn-In Metadata, and no longer have to load a bold or italic version of the font. You can also underline characters.
  • HDR Workflow: You’re no longer allowed to add a Transition or Timeline FX to the HDR or PQ tracks of a sequence.
  • Modular Keyer: You can now access the Auto Matte and Posterize nodes from the Modular Keyer.
  • Modular Keyer: You can now add a Blur node to a Matte Blend node.
  • OpenFX: The plug-in’s OfxImageEffectPluginPropOverlayInteractV2 is now used when available. OfxImageEffectPluginPropOverlayInteractV1 should be deprecated in a future release.
  • Python API: <PyWriteFileNode>.metadata_overlay controls if a Write File node burns a Metadata Overlay on the media, and <PyWriteFileNode>.metadata_overlay_context sets the Metadata Overlay to output.
  • Python Hooks: The app_exit python hook is renamed app_exited. To keep your scripts working, you must update those using app_exit to use app_exited instead.
  • Resolutions List: Z-CAM cameras resolutions are now available from all Resolutions list menus.
  • Service Monitor reports: Two new diagnostic reports are now available. Multicast Route helps you troubleshoot networking issues between multiple Flame Family products on the same network. Nvidia Check provides the status of the NVIDIA driver, and is also part of the Full Diagnostic report.
  • ShotGrid authentication: Signing in ShotGrid from Flame Family is now done using the Web Authentication window.
  • Viewport and Player zoom: The minimum zoom factor of a Player or Viewport is now 1%.
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