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Update: BOOM Library ENRAGE 1.4 – Improved Efficiency, Accuracy, and Performance

boom library enrage 1.4

BOOM Library listened to user feedback and has updated ENRAGE, the multi-modular FX processing tool, with improved efficiency, accuracy, and performance to take it “from being a pretty sweet plugin…to something truly extraordinary.”


BOOM Library Enrage

BOOM Library Enrage

The One Effect Plug-In To Rule Them All

Boom Library ENRAGE is a highly addictive multi-modular FX processing tool that opens up unlimited possibilities in how you tweak and process your sounds. It will easily handle your daily FX plug-in needs but will also introduce you to a world of insanely wicked sound processing. ENRAGE is super responsive and extremely precise. To put it simply, ENRAGE will change the way you experience sounds.

ENRAGE is an FX processing plug-in with more than 40 different devices waiting for you to chain them together and send your audio signal on a thrilling digital journey. Always remain in full control by modifying a multitude of parameters or let go and get inspired by ENRAGE’s more than 300 presets.

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What’s new in ENRAGE v1.4?

    Tame can dynamically detect any peaks in the frequency spectrum, allowing you to remove unwanted resonances or even isolate them. Try it with the side-chain option!
    Smooth is like a filter for modulation. When applied to other mod sources, it allows you to smooth things out and adjust the rise and fall times. Spring applies spring physics to your modulation to make your FX go boing.
    We decided to get a little crazy and give you even more macro options. You can now assign up to 24 macro controls, so your sounds can get as complicated as your most enraged imagination.
    ENRAGE is now freely scalable. Resize it to perfectly match your screen size.
    We’ve added 60 new presets, making your preset pack have over 300 choices – a huge variety of starting off points to mangle your sounds. Search for “1.4” in the preset browser to explore them all.
    Better performance for better and more professional results. Eliminate phasing in the band splitter module to preserve the cleanest and most accurate signal.
    ENRAGE is working smoother than ever under the hood. With automatic internal latency compensation, all the effects and modulation within ENRAGE are synced automagically if needed, so that everything stays in syn in your preset and in your DAW. Working with any device that introduces latency was never so easy.
    ENRAGE was already blazingly fast and efficient. We still managed to have it operate up to 2x faster with up to 50% less CPU load.
    Usability and workflow have been greatly improved. Store and recall Device configurations via drag and drop, save time with new shortcuts and context menus, and lots more!
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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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