Update: Chaos Vantage v1.8.0 – New Features and Improved Performance

chaos vantage v1.8

Chaos Vantage v1.8 now offers a new procedural cloud system, enhanced color corrections, speed and memory optimizations and more.

Chaos Vantage

Chaos Vantage is a tool exploring and manipulating V-Ray scenes within a 100% ray-traced environment in real-time.

Chaos Vantage is available as part of the Chaos V-Ray Premium or Enterprise Subscriptions.

What’s new in v1.8?

New Features


  • Implemented Cloud system to the Physical Sky environment model.

Color Corrections

  • Implemented Filmic Tonemapper(Hable, AMPAS), Hue/Saturation and Contrast color corrections in the Post tab.


  • Support for animated textures(image sequences)files. Have to manually update on desired frame using Update sequence button() when not in Live Link or offline rendering.


  • Option for dynamic textures to reduce GPU memory usage.
  • Experimental option to increase FPS by decreasing sampling quality.
  • Option to pause rendering after reaching a certain sample level.


  • Added composition grid overlays: Rule of Thirds, Central Cross, Golden Spiral, Golden Ratio and Diagonals. Available from the Composition guides overlay ()button in the top toolbar.



  • EXR files now store camera exposure.


  • Shortcut for HQ render dialog opening. Default is Ctrl+R.
  • Functionality to copy the viewport to the clipboard with Ctrl+C shortcut.
  • Implemented sliders for Color Corrections in the Post tab.
  • Improved the UI responsiveness while the HQ Render setup dialog is open.
  • Separated Bump and Normal mapping render options.
  • Disabled file actions (e.g. Open Scene, Reload Scene) while in Live Link session.
  • Misleading error message when a scene file is corrupted.
  • Wrong reporting of geometry statistics in various cases (live link, deleting objects, V-Ray Proxy).


  • Render Animation with Chaos Vantage UI shows the correct FPS from Max.

What’s new in Chaos Vantage v1.8.1

New Features

Color Corrections

  • Implemented Chromatic aberration effect in the Post tab. Details


License server

  • Updated to latest Chaos License Server 6.0.0

Cloud system

  • Reduced distortion of the contrails used in the cloud system.


Live Link

  • 3ds Max hangs during Live Link caused by the cryptomatte render element.
  • Motion blur not rendering offline animation through Live Link from 3ds Ma.

Motion blur

  • Not rendering in offline renders when dynamic textures are enable.
  • Not rendering rendering in “Render animation using Chaos Vantage” Maxscript.


  • Weird dialog placement on secondary monitor


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Posted by Kim Sternisha