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Update: Imaginando VS Visual Synthesizer v1.3.3 – New Features & Enhancements

imaginando VS visual synthesizer v1.3.3 update

Imaginando has updated VS Visual Synthesizer to v1.3.3, adding a few user requested features and enhancements to this visual equivalent of a traditional synthesizer.

Imaginando VS Visual Synthesizer

Imaginando VS Visual Synthesizer

Take your music to another dimension with a world of captivating visuals

Imaginando VS – Visual Synthesizer makes it easy to express your sound optically, in a highly customizable way.

VS provides a creative way to generate beautiful graphical representations of your music projects. Driven by both audio and MIDI data, VS is the visual equivalent of a traditional synthesizer.

Trigger, change and modulate parameters from both audio and MIDI sources, to inject movement into each layer’s “polyphonic visual voices”. From ambient geometric loops, to rhythmically pulsating patterns, VS extensive modulation options ensure you are always in control.

What's new in Visual Synthesizer v1.3.3?

This new version includes a couple of highly requested features, with enhancements to the audio/MIDI file loader and video recording functions.

  • Added MIDI file visualization and playback indicator to file loader panel
  • Added pause/resume render engine function
  • Added support for MP3 file format
  • Added auto playback of audio/MIDI files when the ‘record video’ button is pressed
  • Added option to specify custom location for VS recordings
  • Added ‘Window scale’ setting for custom UI scaling
  • Increased maximum render resolution to 3840×2160 (4K)
  • Bug fix: sample rate change not applied to open audio files
  • Bug fix: incorrect opacity calculation in some materials
  • Bug fix: visual distortion at the very start of recordings (Windows only)
  • General bug fixes and improvements

MSRP: $99.00 Toolfarm Price: $94.05

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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