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Update: McDSP v7.2 – Adds Support for Intel and Apple Silicon Processors for all AAX Plug-ins

mcdsp 7.2 update

McDSP has updated their entire product line with support for support for both Intel and Apple silicon processors for all AAX Plug-ins.  This update is free for all users.  If you are an All Access User, you can get v7 at no additional cost.

What’s new in McDSP v.2?

The latest v7 release from McDSP now includes support for both Intel and Apple silicon processors for the entire McDSP AAX plug-in product line. McDSP AAX plug-ins are universal binaries, and will run natively on either Apple hardware platform, once Pro Tools Apple silicon support is available.

McDSP All Access Subscribers get v7 at no additional cost. Latest installers can be found using the link below.

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McDSP Everything PackMcDSP Everything Pack

Everything you need!

For those who need everything, the McDSP Everything Pack is the ticket. All McDSP’s channel strips, equalizers, compressors, multi-band and limiters, Noise reduction, reverb, delay, specialty and unique plug-ins.

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McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQMcDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

Equalization For Any Situation

The 6020 Ultimate EQ is a collection of ten equalizer models using the popular module format leveraging McDSP’s two decades of design experience. All 6020 Ultimate EQ modules are designed by McDSP, drawing on inspiration from classic and modern equalizers over the last four decades. Each module is easy to operate, and yet has enough sophistication for the most discerning professional.

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McDSP FutzBoxMcDSP FutzBox

FutzBox is a distortion and noise generator plug-in for creating low fidelity versions of audio signals.

FutzBox is a distortion and noise generator plug-in for creating low-fidelity versions of audio signals. Typical post productions require distorted, or ‘futzed’ versions of dialog and other tracks. Simulations of radios, cell phones, and televisions are now available in a single software product. These simulations, called SIMs (Synthetic Impulse Models) provide accurate modeling in an extremely optimized format, allowing FutzBox to use less dsp power than conventional convolution based products. Furthermore, SIMs can be scaled in real-time and changed on the fly.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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