Update: Pomfort Silverstack/XT v8.2 – Livegrade 6 Compatibility & More

pomfort silverstack 8.2 update

Pomfort has updated Silverstack and Silverstack XT with livegrade 6.0 and ACES 1.3 compatibility, performance improvements and more.

What’s new in Silverstack/XT v8.2?

Cloud Backup and Sync:

  • Direct S3 Upload: Backup your files in an AWS S3 bucket or other service that implements the S3 API (XT only)
  • ShotHub Library Sync: Improved robustness in unreliable network conditions, better error handling and user interface when syncing the clip library with Pomfort ShotHub

Color Grading:

  • Look Compatibility: Support for latest Livegrade looks
  • Knee Curve Node: Create simple “knee” and “toe” curve adjustments to quickly modify contrast range and limits of highlights and shadows
  • LUT Interpolation: Choose between different interpolation methods like trilinear and tetrahedral interpolation

ACES Workflow:

  • ACES v1.3: Support for ACES version 1.3.0 including Reference Gamut Compress
  • Load CLF in LMT: Load Common LUT Format (CLF) files in LMT node for round-tripping in ACES workflows
  • ACES Look Metadata: The metadata fields “ACES Input Transform”, “ACES Input TransformID”, “ACES Output Transform”, “ACES Output TransformID”, “LMT Nodes” and “Reference Gamut Compress” reflects ACES look metadata in the general info and the clips table to make it available in reports


  • Canon RAW: GPU acceleration for CRM decoding now also available on M1 Macs

And More


Pomfort SilverstackPomfort Silverstack

Clever Media Management for Film Productions

Silverstack is your tool for media acquisition and professional data management. Silverstack imports and handles any kind of camera and media format. In fact, Silverstack offers a flexible way of data handling by supporting any kind of file format. This includes sound files, photos, any camera media, and all other production documents.

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Pomfort Silverstack XTPomfort Silverstack XT

Clever Media Management for Film Productions

Silverstack XT extends Silverstack with an advanced feature set including support for additional formats, HD-SDI output, and more.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha