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Update: Thininetix Pulldownit v5.5 for Maya – Lots of Enhancements

pulldownit 5.5 for maya

Thinkinetic has updated Puldownit for Maya with enhancements for the Shatter It tool, Bounded Cracks, the user interface, and more.

What’s new in Pulldownit 5.5 for Maya

Shatter New Features

  • Shatter it multithreaded along with other performance improvements that makes shatter an object in hundreds and thousands of pieces around 8x faster than in previous release.
  • New ability to remove shatter centers directly in the viewport, when in Shatter it draft mode simply by clicking mouse + ctrl key, the selected shatter center is deleted.

Dynamics New Features

  • New ability to generate Bounded Cracks until frame, stress crack propagation can be set to last until desired frame, after that it continues as an usual dynamic crack.
  • Initial velocity can be set for “activation at frame” fracture bodies, linear and angular velocity can be added to static fractures bodies, setting in this way the initial motion direction when the object becomes dynamic.
  • More intuitive behavior in collision between fracture bodies, user can decide which of them will break in first place simply by reducing its hardness value. Besides small fragments collisions don’t trigger fracture anymore, therefore fracture activation starts always at the exact impact moment between the two objects.

UI Enhancements

    • Maya Cache Playback supported after baking PDI keys, deleting PDI data before using Maya Cache Playback is no longer needed, allowing to recover PDI simulation afterwards to make changes if needed.
    • New option to auto-clean all PDI data after baking simulation, this new option allows to use Maya Cache Playback at the fastest speed right after baking PDI keys.
    • New ability to set parameters for several fracture bodies at once.
    • New ability to edit the name of selected Cracker.
    • New ability to show/hide all Crackers paths at once.
    • New ability to set parameters for several Crackers at once.
    • New ability to create Crackers for all selected curves at once.

And lots of Bug Fixes


Pulldownit for Maya

Pulldownit for Maya

Shatter and Destruction Plug-in

Pulldownit is a dynamics plugin intended for destruction effects as well as massive rigid bodies simulations. By using it, digital artists are able to shatter objects in different styles, create surface cracks and simulate easily the fracture of 3D models. The power of Pulldownit solver allows computing thousands of objects in dynamics in a stable and realistic way.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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