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Update: Thinkinetic Pulldownit v5.5 for 3ds Max – 4x Faster Shattering & More

pulldownit v5.5 for 3ds max update

Thinkinetic Pulldownit v5.5 for 3ds Max now has up to 4x faster shattering capabilities, 2x faster Cracks generation, and more.  Try a free demo today!

What’s new in Pulldownit for 3ds Max v5.5?

Here’s what Thinkinetic says about this update:

“Pulldownit 5.5 for 3ds Max comes with important updates, Shatter it tool has been multithreaded and highly optimized, getting up to 4x faster shattering with regards to the previous release, allowing [users] to shatter hi-poly models in hundreds of fragments in a few seconds. Creating Chipping areas on the model is now faster as you can discard shatter centers directly in the viewport just by clicking the mouse over it.

Cracks generation computes now 2x faster and Bounded Cracks has been enhanced with the ability to turn them dynamic at the desired frame, allowing [users] to easily create stress cracks that ends up tearing the surface completely at some moment.

Working in complex destruction scenes is easier and more intuitive, in cases of many objects fracturing, the dynamic solver has been adjusted to get nice fracture results with default parameters and when two objects collide with each other you can decide which of them will break first simply by reducing its hardness value.

Regarding the UI, in this new version, you can create several fracture objects at once or create several crackers at once and modify them, there are other nice additions like toggle display of all crackers paths with one click.

Last but not least we have fixed quite a few annoying issues from the previous version, making the tool more predictable and reliable than ever.”


Pulldownit for 3ds Max

Pulldownit for 3ds Max

Shatter and Destruction Plug-in

Fast, reliable, and intuitive, Pulldownit for 3ds Max is the shatter and destruction plug-in that has been used in many productions all around the world.

Pulldownit is a dynamics plugin intended for destruction effects as well as massive rigid bodies simulations. By using it, digital artists are able to shatter objects in different styles, create surface cracks and simulate easily the fracture of 3D models. The power of Pulldownit solver allows computing thousands of objects in dynamics in a stable and realistic way.

Learn MoreTry Pulldownit for 3ds Max for free!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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