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User Story: Soza-all Uses U-Render for Real-Time Rendering

soza-all u-render

I was troubled by the fact that I would not be able to check or deliver my work in time. If I want to deliver in time, I have to increase the number of PCs. More PCs will increase the electricity bill. I was stuck.


But, he found U-Render, the real-time renderer, fully integrated with his favorite 3D application, Cinema 4D. Read the full interview where he explains how real-time rendering became a turning point in the company’s success.

Rendering with U-Render is extremely fast. With the standard renderer, scenes that would have taken more than 10 minutes per frame were reduced to 10 to 20 seconds. I think this is especially useful for high resolution work such as 4K and 8K.


Check out work from Soza-all

They used U-Render with Cinema 4D in these projects.

Watch the cool lyric video below for a Japanese hip-hop artist 狼煙 (Wolf Smoke in English).

狼煙 feat DAI JAP&Chikara&流句(極彩色) (Pro.Modeous) Noroshi LyricVideo
Food Plate Animation made with U-Render

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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