Freebie: UV Checker Map Generator

Freebie: UV Checker Map Generator

Jorge Valle Hurtado created this useful and pretty UV Checker Map Generator. You can adjust the dimension, corner radius, Colors, text size, and weight. In other words, you can completely customize it to your needs. Pretty cool, eh!

UV Checker Map Generator

Looking for more to help you work with UVs?

Here are a few options that you might like.

RE:Vision Effects RE:MapRE:Vision Effects RE:Map

UV Mapping Made Easy!

Easily rerender UV maps in post to save 3D rendering time! RE:Map also provides inverse UV mapping and corner pinning.
Texture map in post – Use a UV map rendered from a 3D system to easily clean up or replace texture maps in your compositing program, without having to re-render in your 3D system.
Work in both directions – RE:Map also allows you to use a photo, and a matching 3D object, and create the texture map you need for your 3D render system.
Quality distortion tools – Includes tools for corner pinning and 2D displacement mapping.

Learn MoreTry RE:Vision Effects RE:Map for free!

RizomUV Virtual SpacesRizomUV Virtual Spaces

Games / VFX / Animation / VR

RizomUV VS is a full-featured UV Mapping application, with features surpassing most offerings currently on the market. Whereas its sibling, RizomUV RS ((Real Spaces), is for CAD space RizomUV VS (Virtual Spaces) is our UV Mapping application for the CG industry, from indie stills to games you’ve played or movies you’ve seen.

Learn More

Mike Udin UV ColorizerMike Udin UV Colorizer

Cinema 4d script for colorizing UV islands

Mike Udin UV Colorizer is a Cinema 4D Python script that helps to create Color IDs for UV islands.

Color ID maps are extremely useful to work with areas of different materials in Substance Painter

Learn More

Spline UV MapperSpline UV Mapper

UV Mapping Made Easy!

UV-Mapping arcs or streets has always been a laborious task. These Spline UV Mapper Tool for Cinema 4D comes to the rescue. Just add a spline that follows your object’s geometry, add a Spline Mapping Tag and you’re ready to go. It’s as easy as that.

Learn More

VU Freebies and Tutorials

  • Freebie: UV-Packer for Blender from 3d-io – 3d-io has released a free, fast, and automatic UV-Packer for Blender. It offers massive geometry packing with ease with minimal UV space waste.
  • UV Tutorials – This page contains a range of tutorials for Cinema 4D, Maya, and more.
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