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Happy World VFX Day – Livestream Info

World VFX Day

Join the first World VFX Day is today December 8, 2023, celebrating and recognizing the talent and artistry of folks in the visual effects industry. Sponsors include Industrial Light & Magic, Framestore, MPC, Cinesite, FMX, WetaFX, The Mill, and several other VFX studios and organizations.

Hayley Miller (Founder)

I’ve worked in visual effects marketing for around five years and I’m constantly in awe of what is created. But not enough people outside of our industry realize how much work and passion drives what we see on screen. The World VFX Day initiative endeavors to provide a platform for the positive recognition visual effects deserves.

Hayley Miller, VFX Marketing Consultant and founder of World VFX Day

Speakers and Topics on World VFX Day Livestream

  1. Ian Failes (Befores & Afters) and Jonas Ussing (Space Office VFX): ‘“No CGI” Just Means Invisible CGI’
  2. Alwyn Hunt (The Rookies): ‘Find Your Place in VFX’
  3. Neha Hooda (PixStone Images): ‘Sustainability, Equity, Diversity and Representation’
  4. Saint Walker (ex Escape Studios): ‘Mega Skills Showcase’
  5. Simon Devereux (ACCESS: VFX): ‘The Power of Mentoring’
  6. Tommy Hinks (Important Looking Pirates): ‘Using Ocean Tools’
  7. Ian Failes (Befores & Afters) and Paul Franklin (DNEG): ‘Key Moments in VFX History’
  8. Victor Perez (Director & VFX Supervisor): ‘Mind Mapping’: Conceptualism of Light’
  9. Freddy Chávez Olmos (Boxel Studio): ‘A Creative Journey in Virtual Production’
  10. Fausto Tejeda and Mujia Liao (Pixomondo): ‘Virtual Production, from Script to Screen’
  11. Afro VFX invites special guests: ‘Give Back and Get More’ with Melanie Pango (ex MPC), Adbou Sako (Framestore), Heldden Byumvuhore (ex Digital Domain and DNEG), hosted by Dédy Bilamba (Afro VFX)
  12. Ros Webb and Marcus Wells (PXL Talent): ‘VFX Interview Prep Q&A’
  13. David Lebensfeld (Ghost VFX/Ingenuity Studios) and Dan Sarto (AWN): ‘What’s Next for VFX?’
  14. Tim Webber (Framestore): ‘Unreal Expectations: Filmmaking with Gaming Technology.’
  15. Hugo Guerra (Hugo’s Desk): ‘What’s with all the CGI Hate?’
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