Midweek Motivations: The Process by Salman Sajun with “Making of”

Midweek Motivations: The Process by Salman Sajun with “Making of”
Inspirations Jun 21, 2017 at 09:50 AM

This epic stop motion video of The Process of creating a film or video project is from film director Salman Sajun indeed takes you through the entire process: from storyboard to art direction, from props to lighting, to the final video to final video version 22! You ALL can relate to this I’m sure!

The Making of The Process

Their process may have been more intense than the one described in the video! 


Director and Visual Concept - Salman Sajun
Art Director - Sarah Oueller
Lead Stop-Motion Animator - Anna Berezowsky
Paper Props Specialist - Pauline Loctin
Stop-Motion Animator - Laura Stewart
Stop-Motion Animator / Art Department - Raquel Sancinetti
Carpenter / Art Department - Filipp Goussev
Editor - Simon Huang
Sound Designer - Mattia Cellotto
Motion Control Equipment - Kessler Crane
Location - Nomad Nation

Check out Salman's website: www.salmansajun.com

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