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Betas: Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill, Blackmagic Updates

Current public betas

In summary, Adobe has some cool new features in Photoshop, so make sure you check out Generative Fill. The After Effects beta also has some new features. And, last week Adobe announced they are partnering with Google Bard for Firefly, so Adobe is all in with AI!

The Digital Anarchy Data StoryTeller Beta is now available. Blackmagic Design released beta 3 for Resolve and Fusion 18.5 beta 3. The Nobe Omniscope Beta is new, too! Also, the Redshift beta was updated recently.

If you want to check them out before release, this is your last chance. Keep scrolling for details. Of course, we’ll keep this page updated with current public beta information. If you hear about something and we don’t have it listed, or if you know if a beta has ended, please drop us an email and let us know.

Bookmark this page! We updated it often.

What’s a beta?

Beta software not only lets you try some software for free but also helps developers find problems. In addition, feedback from users helps developers steer the direction of their products.

To be clear, some of the betas here are public while others require that you have a current license.

How to be a valuable beta tester

Instabug has some great advice on how to give the best feedback and maximize your time while being a beta tester.

Obviously, you should know the product and what bugs have already been reported, but the article also touches on submitting a quality bug report and suggesting usability changes. If you’re a private beta tester, you should always keep your beta testing confidential too.

Adobe Creative Cloud Betas NEW

Below, read about what’s currently in beta. Download these betas in the Adobe Creative Cloud app. There are other features that may be in beta but these are new to Creative Cloud.

After Effects NEW

Updated May 31, 2023

New OpenColorIO Display Transform effect in After Effects

The After Effects Beta build now includes one more effect based on the OpenColorIO library under Color Correction category.

The purpose of this effect is to apply the display view transform or its inverse to a composition.

Reference 3D Model layers in Effect Layer Picker menus

There’s a new 3D/2D workflow in After Effects Beta. To explain, you can now use 3D models as effect inputs!

Previously… in After Effects

Beta - After Effects 2023.4- 3d extraction

Light and Camera Extraction from 3D Models

Extract cameras and lights from GLB and GLTF models to create layers based on the camera and light data in the imported 3D scene.

Premiere Pro NEW

Updated May 10, 2023

SRT Support

SRT support

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) can now be used to stream video and audio content from Premiere Pro to a viewing client application over local networks or the internet.

color management in beta

Color Manager

Use a single workspace to modify your media, sequences, or display-related color settings easily. The Color Workspace now offers various color-related settings bundled into a single place.

collaborative teams beta

Invite to collaborate on Team Projects

Collaborate confidently using the Share option in Team Projects and invite video editing collaborators to any Premiere Pro project you create.

recover projects beta

Restore projects through Recovery Mode

You can now easily recover and restore the last saved state of your open projects in case Premiere Pro quits unexpectedly.


Go to the Photoshop (beta) forums for details to see what’s new and to report issues.

Updated May 23, 2023

Generative Fill NEW

This one is a game-changer!

Adobe Firefly

Firefly is Adobe’s first foray into creative, generative AI models. At first, Firefly will focus on image generation and text effects.

Note: Adobe says they keep rolling in new users and it’s taking about 30 days from registration to approval.

Adobe Firefly Generative AI & Adobe Express to inspire millions to create in partnership with Google – May 10, 2023

Recolor Vectors Module – 20 April 2023

More information on Firefly:


Maya Assist

This is the new AI tool that allows users to use prompts to control Maya instead of the normal controls and commands.

Data Exchange Connectors

Data Exchange Connector for Revit 2024 – 12 April 2023

Data Exchange Connectors for Dynamo and Grasshopper Now Available in Public Beta. – 1 March 2023

Data Exchange – Rhino Connector (Tech Preview)

Below, watch the Rhino webinar from March 15 to learn more about the Rhino and Revit connector.

Audio Design Desk Updated

Audio Design Desk is a tool for creating soundtracks and sound designs for your videos. I’ve used it for a project in the past week and I just love using it. At NAB, I saw the demo for 2.0 and it looks fantastic.

From the Press Release:

Audio Design Desk 2.0 introduces a sleek new user interface with improvements to main feature navigation and discoverability. Boasting seamless integrations with, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Apple Final Cut Pro®, Audio Design Desk is in a class of its own as the only DAW that works within these industry-standard NLEs. These integrations allow video editors to sync their timelines with Audio Design Desk to produce, refine, mix, and deliver all the sound for their videos without ever leaving their editing timelines.

Other exciting new features in Audio Design Desk 2.0 include Auto-Mix, which uses ADD’s content-aware timeline to adjust the volume levels of each element, resulting in an instantly mixed and balanced first draft, and Stem Isolation, which allows editors to remove unwanted background noise from production audio or to break down full mixes of songs into individual stems such as vocals, drums, and guitar. By automating the mixing process and offering the ability to clean up and remix production audio and music, ADD clients can rest easy knowing they have complete control over their audio.

ADD Press release

Audio Design Desk 2.0 is available for macOS only. It’s a standalone app and it also has integrations with Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. The beta requires an existing license.

ADD also introduces the MAKR.AI community and a marketplace to sell and share sounds.

Note: I just downloaded the beta and it’s not yet the 2.0 version, but you can register at the link below and they’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Battle Axe Betas

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what they have in beta, but they have a Discord server that users can join. On Twitter, Battle Axe has mentioned betas several times when users are running into issues.

Blackmagic Design NEW

Blackmagic Design released new betas for Resolve, Resolve Studio, Fusion, and Fusion Studio this week.

See What You Need to Know About the Most Recent DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Beta 3, No Film School, May 22, 203

DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5 Public Beta 3

Release Date: 21 May 2023

his software adds additional improvements to the DaVinci public beta such as improvements to text-based editing including automatic language detection and expanded language transcription for 14 additional languages plus auto subtitling. It also adds support for editing and deletion of generated text, silent segment detection and display, and the ability to remove these segments from the transcribed text. Words and paragraphs can also now be highlighted and deleted. This update to beta 2 includes bug fixes such as scripting API improvements plus general performance and stability improvements. This version requires a DaVinci Resolve Studio license dongle or software activation code. Please continue to submit beta feedback on the Blackmagic Design forum.

Fusion Studio 18.5 Public Beta 3

Release Date: 21 May 2023

This software adds additional improvements to the Fusion public beta including updates to multi-merge features such as an option to automatically name layers based on the input tool, the ability to multi-select and delete layers from the multi-merge inspector, and easier management of large layer counts. This update also adds improved support for USD memory management, support for Blackmagic film color spaces and Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.1, as well as general performance and stability improvements. Please continue to submit beta feedback on the Blackmagic Design forum.

BSKL Diffusae – AI for AE Update

BSKL Diffusae is an After Effects plugin that puts AI in the pipeline.

Update: 24 May 2023

The Mac beta is getting close. Stay tuned!

2 May 2023: The Windows version was released this week but they are still testing features, and the Mac beta will be available soon. If you’re on Windows and want to try Diffusae, there is a free demo available on the Diffusae product page.

Join the discord channel for information and early access.
Platform: Windows (Mac coming soon)

cebas finalFluid for 3ds Max 2024

If you’re a finalFluid user, the public beta is available to you.

Introducing for the first time in 3ds Max: Movie Quality – Realtime Fire and Smoke workflow.

  • NVIDIA-GPU Accelerated Sparse Grid Solver
  • REALTIME Workflow inside of 3ds Max
  • Movie Quality Fire&Smoke VFX

“We are also happy to extend our Free Public Beta version offer of finalFluid to support 3ds Max 2024 as well. The Public Beta version is a great way to experience the features and functions of the software, and it can even be used to create personal or commercial work.” The main beta page has not been updated yet with the 3ds Max 2024 details but click the button below for news about that.

Chaos Cloud Collaboration

It’s not clear if this is still in beta, but we’ll leave this here for now.

From Kalina Maneva, Chaos product manager: We are launching a new Collaboration service as part of Chaos Cloud which aims to optimize the 3D design review process. It is available for all Chaos users and can be accessed directly on this link or from within the V-Ray Framebuffer.

The service allows you to:

  • Upload images (and panoramas) and organize them into projects and folders.
  • Add other users as viewers, commenters, or editors.
  • Share links to invited users only or publicly to anyone.
  • Add pins and comments on the designs.

Cinematte for Mac

The Mac version of Cinematte is now in the Public Beta phase. You can request access by contacting Cinematte.

Dataclay Projector

From the Dataclay Facebook page:
Projector is a multithreaded app that transcodes and deploys Templater’s batch output to storage and streaming platforms such as Amazon S3, Vimeo, and JWPlayer. It monitors Templater’s connected data source and works in the background distributing rendered output while capturing streaming metadata. This beta version is intended for Templater Pro or Bot users who connect it to QUE.

At the moment, the beta version is intended for Templater Pro or Bot users and requires that it connect to a Dataclay QUE account, but any user can sign up for a free trial plan of QUE today!

Projector Beta ships with the following features:

➠ Reads from and writes to Dataclay QUE. You can sign up for a free trial of QUE today!
➠ Extracts 🖼 poster images and 🎞 animated GIF preview clips from the rendered output.

➠ Transcodes rendered output with FFmpeg into MP4 or Quicktime MOV formats.

➠ Utilizes multiple processing cores ⚙️⚙️⚙️ to transcode and deploy assets in parallel.

➠ Deploys output 📦🚀 to the user’s own Amazon S3 bucket.

➠ Stages transcoded video assets 🛰 to user’s own Vimeo or JWPlayer accounts.

➠ Writes ✍ streaming metadata to Templater’s data source including:

URLs for direct download 💾 of streaming assets

URLs for preview stream 📼✅ and broadcast stream 📡

Embed code ⌨ for streaming across web and mobile

Digital Anarchy Data StoryTeller UPDATE

Updated May 19, 2023

Data StoryTeller is a tool for visualizing data and maps. “1.0 will support Bar, Line, Scatter/Bubble charts as well as maps for the US and the world. All of these can be linked to simple CSV or Excel files for basic animations or you can create more complex animations using larger data sets or even multiple data sets (e.g. 25 files with 25 years of the same data). We have plans for more chart types but those are the initial charts. The backend for Data Storyteller is D3.js so there are many chart types we could do in the future.”

I got to see this one demoed at NAB Show 2023 earlier this week and it looks super useful. Data Storyteller is a plugin for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut (and a Resolve version is coming!)

Now Available! If you’d like to get on the beta, contact

Digital Rebellion Kollaborate

Kollaborate 3.7 Beta 1 includes a major architectural overhaul, plus PHP 8.1 and MariaDB support, and more.

Current Version: Kollaborate Server 3.7 B1
Release date: 24 April 2023


GifGun is a tool to create animated GIFs in After Effects. Fill out a survey to apply for the GifGun beta.

Jawset Reactions

Description: Reactions is a toolkit for physically-based animation built for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics artists and technical directors. It is the evolution of TurbulenceFD that advances versatility, performance, and workflows. Reactions includes tools for volumes (like fire, smoke, or clouds), particles, and procedural SDFs. But it allows for substantial extensibility of its framework that also handles polygon meshes and curves. Both built-in and user-created extensions use GPU and CPU hardware. In addition, Reactions includes ready-made, dynamic assets. It allows artists to create their own to re-use and compartmentalize their work.

Host: Standalone app, Cinema 4D R20-R25
Latest release: 8 Feb 2023
Version: 0.2.8 -1025

New purchases of Turbulence FD licenses include a free upgrade to Reactions.

Magix Vegas NEW

If you have Vegas 20 Pro, you can access these new beta features.

AI Smart Mask NEW

With AI Smart Mask, use the power of AI to quickly analyze a video frame and identify maskable objects. Then automatically create a Bézier mask to match the detected object.

Audio Production with VST3

Perfect your audio with the latest VST3 plug-ins for reverbs, delays, EQs, and more. BETA

Maxon Redshift NEW

Open Beta of AMD support on Windows coming to RS 3.5.15

Shortly after we started the closed Alpha in the fall of 2022, a number of driver regressions resulted in instabilities, visual artifacts and performance issues. Since then, we’ve been working closely with AMD to get these resolved.

We’re pleased to announce that starting with upcoming version 3.5.15 of Redshift, AMD support on Windows will be included as an Open Beta. This means that AMD support will be included in the “standard” release builds. As an Open Beta we cannot promise that AMD support will be problem free, but I can say that things have improved dramatically since the closed Alpha.
We will follow up next week on this thread with a specific list of supported GPUs, as well as a list of known issues.

Nicolas Burtnyk, Maxon, on the Redshift forum

Requirements: a Redshift license
Post Date: 21 April 2023

Pixel Sorter Studio

The Pixel Sorter Public Beta is a standalone and cross-platform application, so you don’t need After Effects

Date released: January 2023 (We just learned about it!)

Pilgway 3DCoat Updated

The beta for 3D Coat is ongoing and updated often. 3DCoat allows you to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay to a production-ready, fully-textured organic or hard surface model. Click the link to Buy 3D Coat for more product information. This beta is generally updated weekly.

Current beta version:
Windows: 3DCoat-2023-19
Mac: 3DCoat-2023-18
Linux: 3DCoat-2023-17
Date released: 6 May 2023

Reason – Apple Silicon Support and Offline Mode

Sign up for beta testing Reason Studios Reason for Native Apple Silicon Support and offline mode.

Date released: April 2023

Rhino for Windows & Mac Updated

This beta is generally updated weekly.

Current beta version: Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.22319)
Release date: 9 May 2023
Beta type: Ongoing beta for license holders

timeinpixels NEW

Nobe Omniscope NEW

New this week! The details are on the forum but you’ll need to get to the last pages of the forum for details

False Color

From the beta page:
“False Color 4 is now in open beta! As the top false color tool on the market, we’ve added some amazing new features to this version, including HDR support, configurable SDR white level, and mastering level. Plus, you’ll find even more scale types to choose from. And, of course, we’ve kept all of your favorite presets based on industry-standard solutions.”

Unity AI Beta

From the beta page:
“Unity is building an open and unique AI ecosystem that will put AI-powered game-development tools in the hands of millions of creators. Soon they’ll be able to more quickly create and deliver amazing real-time 3D content and experiences for billions of users around the world.”

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