Betas: V-Ray 6 for SketchUp & Rhino Ending Soon

Beta ending soon V-ray

Not much to report this week but the V-Ray 6 betas for SketchUp and Rhino will not be in beta much longer. If you want to check them out before release, this is your last chance. Keep scrolling for details. There is also new information on the Substance 3D Beta.

What’s a beta?

Beta software not only lets you try some software for free but also helps developers find problems. In addition, feedback from users helps developers steer the direction of their products.

Of course, we’ll keep this page updated with current public beta information. If you hear about something and we don’t have it listed, or if you know if a beta has ended, please drop us an email and let us know.

To be clear, some of the betas here are public while others require that you have a current license.

Bookmark this page! We updated it often.

How to be a valuable beta tester

Instabug has some great advice on how to give the best feedback and maximize your time while being a beta tester.

Obviously, you should know the product and what bugs have already been reported, but the article also touches on how to submit a quality bug report and suggests usability changes. If you’re a private beta tester, you should always keep your beta testing confidential too.

FumeFX 6

The FumeFX Beta is available to download and use until December 21, 2022, even for commercial use. You need to register at the SitniSati forums to download and use the public beta.

FumeFX 6 is about to become the most exciting FumeFX release ever! This time we have created a completely new, node-based procedural system that includes particle system, rope, rigid body dynamics, cloth, soft body dynamics, voxel grid manipulation, node based access to FumeFX simulation and interaction, extensive integration with the Arnold renderer supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, geometry instances, volumes and custom channels, ISurf – particle mesher object and much, much more. With over 130 ready to use nodes artists can create amazing visual effects directly inside the FumeFX package more efficiently than ever before.

Sitni Sati

Current version: FumeFX 6
Beta type: Public Beta
Host Support: Cinema 4D & 3ds Max

V-Ray 6 for SketchUp & V-Ray 6 for Rhino

Join the beta and discover the most powerful visualization workflow for AEC. Seamlessly transfer Enscape scenes into V-Ray, and quickly add complex detail.

Update: Chaos tweeted that the SketchUp and V-Ray betas will be ending soon, so try it now why you still can.

Chaos explains:

The V-Ray 6 for SketchUp and V-Ray 6 for Rhino releases are coming soon, but you can join our beta program to try it before anyone else and help us fine-tune the software.

You’ll be able to seamlessly bring your real-time Enscape scenes into V-Ray and continue creating at the highest possible level of photorealism.

Plus, V-Ray 6 is packed with new tools and features, including the ability to create complex patterns, cloudy skies, and realistic materials quickly and easily — and lots more.


Chaos V-Ray 6 Cinema 4D

You’re invited to join the V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D beta, learn about all that’s new, and help us make this the best yet.

This new version brings in powerful tools that will enable you to create faster and render better than ever before. This includes:

  • V-Ray Enmesh. Generate detailed surfaces using geometric patterns at no extra memory cost. Create chain mail, knitted fabrics, fences, and much more, in just a few clicks.
  • Procedural clouds. Craft just the right cloudy sky for your environment. Thin film layer. Easily create iridescent materials such as soap bubbles, oil spills, and more.
  • Finite dome light mode. Elevate your HDRI environment renders with the new, more flexible ground projection capabilities of the V-Ray Dome Light.
  • V-Ray Profiler. Monitor and manage rendering performance. Get reports on the time spent calculating materials in your scenes.
  • V-Ray Decal with Displacement. Add displacement to any surface for even more realistic cracked walls, rocks, embossed lettering, and more.
  • Enhanced V-Ray performance. Render fog up to 30% faster. Thanks to V-Ray Materials’ new Illumination mode, translucent material rendering is also faster.
  • Streamlined USD support
  • And much more.

Chaos Cloud Collaboration beta

The future of feedback is fast and frustration-free. Experience it with Chaos Cloud Collaboration, now available in V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max.

Soundtoys VST 3 Public Beta

Soundtoys released their beta to the public this week for macOS and Windows. If you don’t have a Soundtoys license, you can use the beta for a 30-day trial license.

Current version: 5.3.8

Cinematte for Mac

The Mac version of Cinematte is now in the Public Beta phase. You can request access by contacting Cinematte.

CLAP – Audio Format

U-he and Bitwig jointly announced today a co-developed audio plugin standard known as CLAP. Download the public preview and try it out! Click the Learn More button below the video for more information and a download.

Adobe Creative Cloud Betas

If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber and want to check out the ongoing betas, just open the Creative Cloud app. On the left column menu, at the bottom of Categories, you’ll see Beta apps. Currently, you’ll see Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects, Character Animator, Audition, and Media Encoder.

Premiere Pro Beta 23.0

On 3 August, Premiere switched to the next major version, v23. Read more about it here.

Announcement: AAF export now available in beta Read more

After Effects Beta 23.0

Feature Focus: New Shift+J and Shift+K Keyboard Shortcuts in After Effects. Read more

Changes to Minimum OS Requirements for After Effects 23.0. Read more

ACES support

New: h.264 is back in After Effects and DV is GONE.

Color Keyframes in the After Effects beta

NEW Selectable Track Mattes in the After Effects 23.0 beta! Read more about that at Adobe.

Beta type: Open for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers

Release Date: Ongoing

New Adobe Creative Cloud betas pop up often. Find the Betas in the Creative Cloud application under Beta apps.

Adobe Betas

Adobe Substance 3D

Adobe Substance 3D tweeted that photogrammetry is now in the Substance 3D Sampler beta.

3D Modeler

Substance 3D Modeler 0.19 Beta was released on 3 August 2022.

Description: 3D sculpting on desktop and in VR. Substance 3D Modeler interprets spatial input from the physical world, allowing you to sculpt your model as you would in a real workshop. Use the natural, fluid gestures of the artistic flow.

AXYZ Design Anima 5

Description: Get a sneak peek at the AXYZ Design Anima 5 Beta that will be available very soon. The video shows a real-time preview made with Unreal Engine 5 and the Anima 5 Beta. It’s pretty impressive. AXYZ Design offers 3D people and character animation software.

Note: Beta is coming soon. We’ll link it here when we have more information. No new information

Updates: No news yet about when the beta will be released. (August 30, 2022).

Version: 5

Jawset Reactions

Description: Reactions is a toolkit for physically-based animation built for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics artists and technical directors. It is the evolution of TurbulenceFD that advances versatility, performance, and workflows. Reactions includes tools for volumes (like fire, smoke, or clouds), particles, and procedural SDFs. But it allows for substantial extensibility of its framework that also handles polygon meshes and curves. Both built-in and user-created extensions use GPU and CPU hardware. In addition, Reactions includes ready-made, dynamic assets, and allows artists to create their own to re-use and compartmentalize their work.

Host: Standalone app, Cinema 4D R20-R25

Cebas finalFluid for 3ds Max

Description: finalFluid is a fluid generation tool for 3ds Max. It includes the first-ever Sparse Grid Realtime Solver for 3ds Max. See other tools from Cebas

Beta type: Public

Hosts: 3ds Max

Capturing Reality RealityScan

Description: Ever wanted to create 3D models with your phone? Meet RealityScan, a new app that puts the power and simplicity of RealityCapture in your pocket. RealityScan is currently available in a limited beta for iOS devices.📱 Developed in collaboration with Quixel

Host: iOS Devices
Beta Type: Closed beta limited to 10,000 people
Date: 4 April 2022

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