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Resolve brings Advanced New Tools for color correction and professional audio and video post production, together in one application

DaVinci Resolve 15 is the world’s first solution that combines professional offline and online editing, color correction, audio post production and now visual effects all in one software tool! The tool of Hollywood’s elite colorists is available for everyone - Resolve has been used on more feature films and TV shows than any other color correction/grading tool allowing you to create images that are simply impossible with anything else.


DaVinci Resolve 15 makes it easy for individual artists to explore different toolsets. It also lets you collaborate and bring people with different creative talents together. With a single click, you can instantly move between editing, color, effects, and audio. Plus, you never have to export or translate files between separate software tools because, with DaVinci Resolve 15, everything is in the same software application! DaVinci Resolve 15 is the only post production software designed for true collaboration. Multiple editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists and sound designers can all work on the same project at the same time! Whether you’re an individual artist, or part of a larger collaborative team, it’s easy to see why DaVinci Resolve 15 is the standard for high end post production and is used for finishing more Hollywood feature films, episodic television programing and TV commercials than any other software.

Forum/ FAQ can be found here: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=71881

What's New!


Fully built in Fusion visual effects and motion graphics, incredible new Fairlight audio tools and nearly a hundred enhancements focussed on speed and quality!

DaVinci Resolve 15 now has full Fusion visual effects and motion graphics built in! The Fusion page gives you a complete 3D workspace with over 250 tools for compositing, vector paint, keying, rotoscoping, text animation, tracking, stabilization, particles and more. With new Apple Metal and CUDA GPU processing, the Fusion page is faster than ever! Fairlight audio gets a massive upgrade with new ADR tools, audio normalization, 3D panners, audio and video scrollers, a sound library database, and built in cross platform plug-ins such as reverb, hum removal, vocal channel and de-esser. There are also dozens of new features and improvements that editors and colorists have asked for. These include a new LUT browser, shared grades, multiple playheads, Super Scale HD to 8K up-rezzing, stacked timelines, on-screen annotations, subtitle and closed captioning tools, better keyboard customization, new title templates and much more!

Professional Editing

DaVinci Resolve includes everything professional editors need to cut blockbuster films, television shows, and commercials. It’s perfect for both offline and online editing. The high performance playback engine makes editing and trimming incredibly fast, even for processor intensive formats such as H.264 and RAW.

Fusion Effects

Fusion brings the world’s most advanced compositing software for visual effects artists and motion graphic animators right into DaVinci Resolve! So now you can create cinematic feature film quality visual effects and stunning broadcast motion graphic animations without having to switch software applications!

Color Correction

DaVinci Resolve has been used on more feature films and television shows than any other grading system! You get the industry’s most powerful primary and secondary correction tools, advanced curve editor, tracking and stabilization, noise reduction and grain tools, ResolveFX and more.

Fairlight Audio

With Fairlight audio built in, you get a complete digital audio workstation with professional mixer, automation, metering, monitoring, sample level editing, new ADR tools, a sound library database, native audio plug-ins and more! You can even mix down and master to multiple formats, including 3D audio space formats such as 5.1, 7.1 and even 22.2!

Media and Delivery

DaVinci Resolve 15 makes importing, syncing and organizing footage fast! Whether you’re going out to the web, tape, or theatrical distribution, DaVinci Resolve features everything you need to deliver projects in virtually any format! You’ll be able to get to work quickly and output files fast, so you’ll never miss a deadline!

Multi User Collaboration

Revolutionary tools for simultaneous editing, visual effects, color correction and audio post!

DaVinci Resolve 15 completely redefines post production workflows! Assistant editors can prepare footage while editors cut the picture, colorists grade the shots, effects artists work on VFX, and sound editors mix and finish audio, all in the same project at the same time! You no longer have to waste time conforming and you no longer have to wait for a locked edit before starting color and audio work! That means picture editors, visual effects artists, colorists, and sound editors can now work in parallel, leaving more time for everyone to be creative!

DaVinci Resolve Studio

Upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio for even more creative tools and options!

The free version of DaVinci Resolve has all of the professional editing, legendary color correction and Fairlight audio tools you need for SD, HD and Ultra HD work at up to 60 frames per second. DaVinci Resolve Studio adds support for 4K and higher, along with frame rates up to 120 fps. It also includes dozens of additional image processing features and filters that are not in the free version. This includes film grain, temporal and spatial noise reduction, amazing new face enhancement tools, lens flares, lens distortion correction, optical quality blur and mist effects, deflicker, dust busting, warping and much more!

New High Performance Playback Engine

Fly through edits and color correction with up to 10x the performance!

DaVinci Resolve 15 features an incredible new video playback engine with CPU and GPU optimizations, lower latency, faster UI refresh, support for Apple Metal, and more! These upgrades combine to make DaVinci Resolve faster and far more responsive than ever. Working on long timelines with thousands of clips is incredibly fluid and editing is even more precise. Scrubbing and playback are instant, often starting before you lift your fingers off the keyboard! Powerful acceleration for processor intensive formats, like H.264, makes it possible to edit 4K material on a laptop in realtime! Whether you’re working in HD or 4K, with ProRes, H.264 or even RAW images, DaVinci Resolve 15 is completely responsive and fast enough to keep up with your every move!

Legendary DaVinci Quality

Unique YRGB 32-bit float image processing!

DaVinci Resolve’s Emmy™ award-winning image processing technology features deep 32-bit float processing combined with unique, patented YRGB color science that processes luminance independent of color. This allows you to adjust the luminance of video without rebalancing the color of your highlights, midtones, or shadows! The massive internal color space is also perfect for the latest HDR and wide color gamut workflows.

Open and Compatible

The world’s most compatible post production solution!

With all of the different workflows and systems out there, you need a post production solution that’s compatible and open enough to handle anything! DaVinci Resolve has been designed to work with all major file formats, media types, and post production software. You can use XML, EDLs, or AAF to move projects between DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Premiere Pro. Deep integration with Fusion makes it easy to send shots out for VFX work, or you can roundtrip with software such as After Effects. For audio, projects can easily be moved between DaVinci Resolve and ProTools. When you’re on a tight deadline, you can count on DaVinci Resolve to “just work!”

What's New in DaVinci Resolve 15


Key new features:

  • Fully integrated into the DaVinci Resolve timeline
  • Improved workflows removing the need for round trip renders to Fusion
  • Initial support for a full Metal, CUDA or OpenCL GPU processing pipeline
  • Improved UI for faster and more fluid workflow
  • New node graph (Flow)
  • New viewers
  • New toolbar
  • New inspector
  • Fusion page now includes
    • Media Pool
    • Tools library with Templates
    • Timeline with Thumbnails
    • Spline Editor
    • Keyframe Timeline
    • Metadata
  • Dual screen layouts for the Fusion page
  • Support for Fusion in collaborative projects
  • Support for various geometry files for Fusion in Media Storage and Media Pool
  • Support for importing and exporting Fusion comp files
  • Support for Fusion planar tracker is now available on the non Studio version of DaVinci Resolve
  • Support for Fusion planar stabilization is now available on the non Studio version of DaVinci Resolve
  • Support for Fusion planar transforms of roto is now available on the non Studio version of DaVinci Resolve
  • Support for Fusion planar tracked roto is now available on the non Studio version of DaVinci Resolve
  • Support for Fusion optical flow retiming is now available on the non Studio version of DaVinci Resolve

Visual effects features:

  • Vector Paint
  • 2D and 3D Compositing
  • 3D Camera Tracking in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Planar Tracking and Rotoscoping
  • Node Based Workflow
  • 3D Workspace
  • Keying and Mattes
  • Rotoscoping
  • Tracking and Stabilization
  • 3D Particles
  • Scripting
  • Shot Cleanup
  • Open Color I/O
  • Virtual Set Extensions

Broadcast design and motion graphics features:

  • 2D and 3D Titles
  • 3D Logos
  • Animated Text
  • Spline Based Animation
  • Replicate Objects
  • Expressions and Macros
  • Highly Interactive VR tools in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Import 3D Models and Scenes
  • Built-in 3D Objects
  • Realistic Lighting and Shading
  • Comprehensive Stereoscopic 3D Tools in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Deep Pixel Compositing
  • Volumetric Effects


Key new features

  • ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement)
  • Audio Bounce
  • Fixed playhead timeline
  • Audio scrollers
  • Video scroller
  • 3D audio pan
  • Sound Library *
  • Support for native FairlightFX
    • Chorus
    • De-Esser
    • De-Hummer
    • Delay
    • Distortion
    • Echo
    • Flanger
    • Modulation
    • Noise Reduction
    • Pitch
    • Reverb
    • Stereo Width
    • Vocal Channel

General improvements


  • Support for audio normalization in the Edit page and Fairlight page
  • Support for clip pitch control for clips
  • Support for a Media Pool preview of audio
  • Support for audio fade in and out to playhead in the Fairlight timeline
  • Support for mixed audio track formats from source clips
  • Support for trim to playhead operations in the Fairlight timeline
  • Support for Preset Library for Audio Effects *
  • Support for legacy Fairlight projects on Windows *
  • Support for inbuilt tone generator
  • Support for Compound clips path bar below Fairlight page timeline
  • Support for native audio on Linux
  • Support to show audio waveforms while recording
  • Support for input monitoring to the native audio engine
  • Support for audio retiming for clips with variable speed changes
  • Support for Paste and Remove Attributes for audio clips in Fairlight page
  • Support for pre-roll and post-roll time in Fairlight timeline
  • Support for Loop Jog controls in user interface
  • Support for an indicator on the Fairlight timeline when there is an offset between audio and video
  • Support for the Fairlight Audio Interface installer on Windows
  • Support for a mode to stop and jump to the last position
  • Support for track selection and deselection using the track destination selection commands
  • Support for selecting buses in the mixer to view and modify their properties in the inspector
  • Support for viewing video tracks on the Fairlight timeline
  • Support for transport controls from the DaVinci Resolve grading panels on the Fairlight page
  • Support for improved timeline view options in the Fairlight timeline
  • Improved speaker selection with support for device selections in monitor sets
  • Improved consistency of navigation and selection hotkeys between the Edit and Fairlight pages


  • Support for project versioning snapshots to store project backups at set intervals
  • Support for only loading the last used timeline when opening a project
  • Support for an option to load all the timelines when opening a project
  • Support for bypassing color processing on all pages for improved performance on low power systems
  • Support for trimming H.264 and other temporal codec formats in Media Management
  • Support for GPU acceleration for the ResolveFX Match Move plugin
  • Support for GPU acceleration for the stabilizer with a speed up of more than 5x
  • Support for new system preference to use optimized image transfers for viewers on supported systems
  • Improved save and load performance with database optimizations for large projects
  • Improved playback performance when monitoring on a single GPU system with scopes enabled
  • Improved playback performance with mismatched output and monitoring resolutions with Blackmagic Design capture and playback devices
  • Improved decode and encode speeds for JPEG2000 clips


  • Support for adding, managing and delivering Subtitles and Closed Captions
  • Support for embedding a subtitle track when encoding QuickTime files
  • Support for embedding closed captions when encoding MXF OP1A files
  • Support for embedding closed captions when encoding QuickTime files
  • Support for 2D and 3D Title templates
  • Support to load multiple clips into the source viewer and access the 10 most recent clips
  • Support for stacked and tabbed timelines
  • Support for position curves in curve editor
  • Support for menu actions to create Flags and Markers with a specific color
  • Support for timecode entry in the Marker dialog
  • Support for markers annotations on the viewer
  • Support for new Change Clip Duration to modify the duration of one or multiple clips
  • Support for finding the source viewer clip in the Media Pool
  • Support for caching of titles and generator
  • Support for keyframing of OpenFX and ResolveFX plugins
  • Support for alpha channel in compound clips
  • Support for copying and pasting timecode in the viewer timecode displays
  • Support for multiple timeline gap deletion
  • Support for single viewer mode for the dual screen layout
  • Support for marking in and out points in Cinema Mode in the Edit page
  • Support for showing the iXML channel names for audio files in the timeline
  • Support for replacing multiple shots across tracks while retaining grades and effects by Ctrl/Command dragging clips
  • Support for categories of video transitions in the Effects Library
  • Support for a new Play Again command on Media, Edit and Fairlight players
  • Support for disabling ganged moving of audio and video clips across tracks
  • Support for rippling clips on the timeline when pasting retime attributes to other clips
  • Support for actions to convert between Duration markers and In/Out marks with ability to set shortcuts
  • Support for viewing clip marker overlays on the timeline viewer
  • Support for an Edit and Color page indicator for clips with Fusion effects
  • Support for toggling the track-destination state
  • Support for improved timeline view options in the Edit timeline
  • Improved separation and handles between video and audio tracks on the timeline
  • Improved timecode entry and playhead navigation
  • Improved optical flow for speed changes
  • Improved Smooth Cut
  • Improved keyboard shortcut mapping *
  • Improved previews when performing blades on a multi track edit
  • Improved ripple cut and ripple delete behavior
  • Improved automatic track creation when dragging clips to new tracks


  • Support for Cintel HDR capture
  • Support for importing clips to Media Pool with metadata via Final Cut Pro 7 XML
  • Support clip type icon in list view for both Clip names and File Names
  • Support for showing Clip names instead of File names as the default
  • Support for replacing a media file and all its instances in the Media Pool
  • Support to navigate to synced audio files from a video clip in the Media Pool
  • Support for automatically creating subclips by dragging a clip from the viewer to the Media Pool
  • Support for source clips with high speed capture frame rates in the Media Pool
  • Support for retaining empty folders when importing folders to the Media Pool
  • Support for improved LTC detection from clips with multiple audio tracks
  • Support for larger clip thumbnails in the Media Pool
  • Support for improved Media Pool column listing
  • Support for modifying the extents of subclips
  • Support for viewing waveforms for audio clips in thumbnail mode in the Media Pool and Media Storage
  • Support for live preview of audio clips in the Media Pool and Media Storage
  • Support for multiple bin views in collaborative projects
  • Support for smaller Media Pool floating windows
  • Support for native IMF decoding and encoding in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Support for native Kakadu based JPEG2000 decoding and encoding
  • Support for encoding unencrypted DCP packages using the Kakadu codec
  • Support for ARRI LF camera files
  • Support for decoding FLAC audio files
  • Support for HEIF decode on Mac and DaVinci Resolve Studio on Windows and Linux
  • Support for decoding TGA images
  • Support for Canon C200 IDTs in ACES
  • Support for XAVC-Intra OP1A HDR metadata
  • Improved support for encoding HDR and mastering metadata for MXF and IMF formats in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Improved support for audio waveform sync in multicam clips
  • Improved support for decoding MXF XDCAM clips


  • Support for new SuperScale option for high quality resolution upscaling
  • Support for multiple timeline playheads with DaVinci Resolve Advanced panel control
  • Support for a new LUT browser in the Color page
  • Support for live preview of LUTs and gallery stills
  • Support for browsing grades from other timelines in the gallery
  • Support for browsing grades from other projects in the expanded gallery view
  • Support for batch color version management
  • Support for switching between previous and next version for multiple clips
  • Support for modifying the qualifier by dragging the controls in the user interface
  • Support for denoise in the qualifiers matte finesse controls
  • Support for alpha matte shrink and grow in the qualifiers matte finesse controls
  • Support for ganging the timeline wipe with the current clip
  • Support for option to disable thumbnails in the node graph
  • Support for improved Color page node graph user interface
  • Support for improved user interactions for selecting nodes and modifying node connections
  • Support for enabling and disabling multiple selected nodes in the Color page
  • Support for a node context menu option to lock the node
  • Support for shared nodes for powerful group management
  • Support for Camera RAW controls for Canon RAW clips
  • Support for Camera RAW controls for Panasonic RAW clips
  • Support for the Media Pool in Color page
  • Support for GPU accelerated Dolby Vision™ HDR to SDR metadata generation in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Support for license activated GPU accelerated Dolby Vision™ internal CMU in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Support for native HDR10+™ controls in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • New ResolveFX Plugins

⁃ ResolveFX Aperture Diffraction in DaVinci Resolve Studio
⁃ ResolveFX Automatic Dirt Removal in DaVinci Resolve Studio
⁃ ResolveFX Deflicker in DaVinci Resolve Studio
⁃ ResolveFX Dust Buster in DaVinci Resolve Studio
⁃ ResolveFX Film Damage
⁃ ResolveFX Flicker Addition
⁃ ResolveFX Lens Reflections in DaVinci Resolve Studio
⁃ ResolveFX Patch Replacer in DaVinci Resolve Studio

  • Support for ResolveFX Match Move is now available on the non Studio version of DaVinci Resolve
  • Support for stereoscopic convergence on Power Windows
  • Support for showing marker overlays in the Color page viewer
  • Support for a dynamic keyframe indicator for nodes in the node graph
  • Support for tooltip for Edit page FX icons to display the list of plugins applied
  • Support for compound node path bar in the display node graph window
  • Support for copying nodes and pasting specific values by selecting parameters and using Paste Value
  • Support for previewing LUTs by holding Alt/Option pressed while mousing over the LUT context menu
  • Support for previewing composite modes in the layer mixer context menu
  • Support for listing and navigating to timeline markers from the Color page viewer option menu
  • Support for processing a node in a different Resolve Color Managed colorspace or gamma
  • Support for selected LUTs in split-screen mode
  • Support for previewing the selected album in split-screen mode
  • Support for drawing a selection box to select multiple points in ResolveFX Warper
  • Support for improved and smoother masks in ResolveFX Face Refinement
  • Support for a new enhanced mode for improved noise reduction
  • Support for changing the sensitivity of the jog wheel and shuttle control in the DaVinci Resolve Advanced panel
  • Support for smart filter options for shared nodes
  • Support for smart filter options for clips with Fusion effects
  • Support for RED SDK based Gamut Mapping for Red IPP2 based workflows
  • Support for option to process node LUTs in ACEScc AP1 timeline color space or ACES AP0 color space
  • Improved cropping quality and behavior when using the advanced video stabilization
  • Improved ResolveFX Lens Blur with support for custom aperture shapes
  • Improved onscreen controls for ResolveFX Match Move and ResolveFX Dead Pixel Fixer
  • Improved viewer mouse interaction and behavior when working on a node with multiple power windows
  • Improved DCTLs with ability to include code from headers and use LUTs in DaVinci Resolve Studio


  • Support for external scripting of DaVinci Resolve Studio from local and network locations
  • Support for Fairlight Audio Accelerator drivers in the DaVinci Resolve installer on Windows
  • Support for a new system preference to control Audio I/O Processing block size
  • Support for launching DaVinci Resolve and loading the project when opening a DRP file in the file browser
  • Support for a new application level system memory limit in Preferences
  • Support for a system preference to enable or disable hardware acceleration of H.264/HEVC and other supported codecs
  • Support for system preference to enable or disable Direct IO for media storage locations on Windows
  • Support for Metal when using RED GPU debayer on Mac
  • Support for system preference to enable or disable RED GPU Debayer
  • Support for a floating timecode window
  • Support for listing backups for a specific project from the project manager context menu
  • Support for backing up and versioning projects when using Live Save
  • Support for switching the top bar and page switcher bar to an icons only mode
  • Improved application menu layouts
  • Improved and clearer contextual menu layouts

Pre-installation Notes

• DaVinci Resolve 15.0 requires a database upgrade from previous versions
• Support for decoding and encoding of EasyDCP formats is not currently available
• Collaboration is currently not supported when using Shared Nodes

Minimum system requirements

• macOS 10.12.6 Sierra - Windows 10 Creators Edition - CentOS 7.3
• 16 GB of system memory is recommended and 32 GB is recommended minimum when using Fusion

Upgrading your PostgreSQL database server on Mac

Until DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2, the Mac installer used to ship with PostgreSQL version 8.4.2. Starting from macOS Sierra 10.12, PostgreSQL version 8.4 is no longer supported. If you intend to upgrade to the latest OS, you will need to upgrade your PostgreSQL database server to version 9.5.4 prior to upgrading macOS. Once your PostgreSQL installation has been upgraded and your data has been ported, you can then proceed with your macOS upgrade.

We have provided apps to simplify upgrading your PostgreSQL version on your Mac. The apps along with instructions can be found in the /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Upgrade PostgreSQL folder.

Starting from DaVinci Resolve 12.5.3, new installations will include PostgreSQL version 9.5.4.


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