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Freebies: 3D Models & Resources Roundup

Freebies: 3D Models & Resources Roundup

Download some free 3D models, textures, plugins and other resources for your favorite 3D program. Get freebies from iToo Software, eyedesyn, Pixel Lab,, Chaos, and more!

iToo Software, the maker of Forest Pack and RailClone, has 4 free plugins for 3ds Max:

  • Clone creates copies of an object by incrementally translating, rotating, and scaling the input geometry.
  • SplineOffset creates multiple clones of splines and can incrementally increase or decrease offset, translation, and rotation.
  • Glue is 2 tools in one. First, a tool to move a selection of separate objects to any surface by projecting the pivot point along either the X, Y, or Z axis. Second, use Glue to conform a Spline to a surface with several options.
  • ColorEdge is a procedural texture map for 3ds Max

Download 3 Free Cinema 4D Desert Landscape Project Files from eyedesyn. The files work with Cinema 4D R20 and above Requires Redshift Render (CPU or GPU)

Pixel Lab gives away beautiful models, textures, and more for Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, Redshift, and other renderers. To download the freebies, sign up for the Pixel Lab newsletter. They’ll send you a code to give you access.

free models from

A mishmash of fun and useful freebies, including robots, LEGO heads, furniture, plants, weapons, tools, a croissant, and art supplies

chaos enscape 40 free sites

The creative folks at Chaos have compiled a list of over 40 sites that offer free 3D resources for visualization content. There is something for everyone here: from 3D models and materials to free software, lights, and even sound files. I’ve posted a small sample (5 of the sites) here, click the link below to see the entire list. They even offer a PDF to save and share with friends and colleagues.

Freebie: Adobe Substance 3D Add-on 2.0 for Blender

Want to use Adobe Substance 3D materials in Blender? Adobe released v2.0 of the add-on, designed to work with Blender 4.0. Tutorial included.

evermotion free 15 pbr materials

Download 15 PBR Materials with 4k textures by Julio Sillet, created as part of a procedural materials exercise with Adobe Substance 3D Designer. Included in the download: Diffuse/Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Height and Metallic, and Blender 2.9 file.

Freebie Xolotl Studio substance designer 3d uv mapper node mapper

This UV Mapper node from Xolotl Studio projects textures, noise, images, and more into UV space information in Adobe Substance 3D Designer.

More models

Toolfarm sells 3D models for just about anything you could ever imagine!

Greyscalegorilla Plus

Greyscalegorilla Plus

Step up your 3D career.

Plus gives you what you need to create beautiful renders in less time. Learn how you can get over $10,000 of Pro Training, Material Collections, and Plugins $399 per year. Plus gives you everything you need to step up your 3D career. Create beautiful renders in less time with Award-Winning Plugins, High Rez Materials, Pro Training and more. Check out the new Tactile materials collection!

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Greyscalegorilla Plus - Renewal

Greyscalegorilla Plus - Renewal

Renew your GSG Plus Annual Subscription.

Jumpstart your creativity in Cinema 4D with Greyscalegorilla Plus! Access thousands of dollars worth of Material Collections, Plugins, and Pro Training for a fraction of the price – all available to you at just $399 per year. Get everything you need to craft stunning renders faster than ever before without breaking the bank. This is the renewal page for those who are current subscribers and want to renew.

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Digimation Model Bank Library Collection of 3D Models

Digimation Model Bank Library Collection of 3D Models

1,200 fully textured, high-resolution models - The perfect compliment to any 3D program.

The Model Bank Library features 1,200 fully textured, high-resolution 3D models in industry standard 3DS format. The library includes a wide variety of models including vehicles, animals, aircraft, architecture, sports, military, and more.The quality and value pricing make it the perfect collection for people new to 3D, or anyone looking for a quick way to create realistic 3D images and animation.

The library is the perfect compliment to any 3D program.

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