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Boris FX Suite

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Boris FX Suite


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Boris FX Silhouette

Boris FX Sapphire

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2024

Boris FX Optics 2024

Boris FX CrumplePop 2024

Boris FX SynthEyes

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Boris FX Suite

The Ultimate Visual Effects Package

The Boris FX Suite bundles our amazing tools into one easy subscription. Choose a plan that’s right for you — pay as you go or once a year. Boris FX Suite members have access to every plugin and standalone application we make on any host we support. It’s never been easier to get more for less.  Unlock a world of possibilities with just $1,295 per year

Boris FX Suite Includes:

  • Continuum – The world’s most complete plugin toolkit
  • CrumplePop – Easy to use, AI-drive audio restoration plugins
  • Mocha Pro – Award-winning planar tracking & masking
  • Optics – Cinematic effects for photos
  • Sapphire – The essential visual effects suite
  • Silhouette.- Roto, Paint & Compositing
  • SynthEyes – Fast 3D tracking and matching moving toolset

Boris FX Hub

Meet the Boris FX Hub. It’s your home for downloading, installing, and licensing Boris FX tools. Get ready for a seamless, user-friendly experience.

  • Dive into free trials for any of our products
  • Easily install and license the Boris FX Suite or select software
  • Activate or deactivate licenses without the fuss
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest versions of our products
  • Direct connections to dedicated training and support


The Boris FX Toolset


Eye-Popping Visual Effects

Sapphire is the essential visual effects suite favored by high-end artists, editors, and motion designers. Includes built-in Mocha planar tracking and masking.

  • 270+ photorealistic effects, 60+ transitions, and 3000+ presets
  • Lens flares & lights: Hollywood’s secret weapon
  • Blur & distort: Camera shakes, rack defocus, lens whacking
  • Render & composite: Zaps, grunges, auroras
  • Stylize: Glitches, pixel sorts, retro TV looks
  • Time: Tripped out, mind-bending effects
  • Effect & Transition Builder: Easily create multi-layered effects

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The Professional Choice

Continuum is the must-have comprehensive toolkit for busy content creators, editors, and artists. Includes built-in Mocha planar tracking and masking.

  • 300+ effects, 40+ transitions, and 5000+ presets
  • Keying & compositing: Conquer & composite green screen
  • Image restoration: Fix imperfect footage fast
  • Particle Illusion: Create 3D particles in just one click
  • Lights, glows & color grades: Instant analog film looks & styles
  • Titling, digital beauty work, and tons more
  • Audio-driven VFX: Make effects bounce to a beat

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Mocha Pro

Tracking & VFX Made Easy

Mocha Pro is the Academy Award-winning planar motion tracking and masking toolset that saves tons of time. Plugin + standalone version.

  • Rock solid GPU-accelerated tracking = Minimal keyframing!
  • PowerMesh: Easily track skin, cloth & organic moving objects
  • Object removes: Make wires + unwanted objects disappear
  • Screen inserts & match moves: Fast and realistic composites
  • Rotoscoping: Magnetic edge-snapping, x-splines & bezier
  • Stabilization: Lock down or smooth camera motion
  • Stereo 360/VR support: Take the pain out of 360 post & VFX

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Advanced Paint, Roto & Compositing


Silhouette is the Academy Award-winning invisible visual effects toolkit used by the film industry’s top paint and roto artists. Plugin + standalone version.

  • Industry leading rotoscoping and paint tools
  • Auto paint for speed and reliability
  • Powerful tracking options
  • Node based compositing and image processing
  • Easy keying for green screens
  • Includes Sapphire, Mocha, Particle Illusion and Continuum effect tools
  • Warping and morphing tools
  • Work as a plugin in your favorite host or as a standalone application

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Next Level Photo Effects

Optics delivers blockbuster effects to photographers and digital artists. Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom plugin + standalone version. Learn more

  • 170+ filters, 10 categories, and 1000s of customizable presets
  • Lighting: Sapphire’s lens flares & glows + extensive gobo library
  • Optical glass camera simulation: Exclusively available in Optics
  • Color grading: Transform photos into iconic Hollywood looks
  • Particles: Add smoke, fire, water, sparkles, explosions & dust
  • Robust masking & layering system: Gain full editing control
  • Photo animations: Quickly create dazzling cinemagraphs

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Unlock the Power of 3D Camera Solving & Match Moving

boris fx syntheyes

SynthEyes is a powerful and fast 3D tracking and match-moving production toolset that helps VFX artists perform advanced 3D tasks. Standalone application.

  • Exports to Adobe After Effects, Foundry Nuke, Fusion, Blender, Flame, Maya, Houdini & more
  • Place CG characters into scenes & animate using motion capture
  • Create 3D set extensions with texture extraction & mesh-building
  • Add 3D enhancements to actors & remove complex objects
  • Stabilize shaky conventional or 360/VR shots
  • Easy lens calibration without calibration grids

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Audio restoration plugins for video and podcast creators

CrumplePop makes it easy to restore common audio issues right inside your video project timelines. Powered by AI-driven technology. Plugin and standalone version.

  • User-friendly and no audio experience required
  • Banish mic pops and remove lapel rustle
  • Get rid of unwanted wind and traffic noise
  • Remove echo and reverb in seconds
  • Automatically remove hiss, background noise, and hums
  • Enhance vocal clarity with instant audio leveling
  • Restore clipped audio to its natural state

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Members of the Boris FX Suite community also receive FREE access to our paid training products taught by the pros. Each in-depth series is packed with videos broken into easy-to-follow segments and include footage and project files.

Learn at your own pace, and you’ll be a Boris FX expert in no time!


Q. What is an Enterprise License?

A. Tailored for studios and large-scale operations, the Boris FX Enterprise program features advanced licensing solutions, first-tier technical support, expert workflow advice, streamlined onboarding, and bespoke training modules. Minimum seat counts apply.

Enterprise benefits include:

  • Advanced Licensing: Support for floating and offline license activations in all environments. This includes networks with restricted internet access, virtual and cloud based workflows, USB dongles, distributed render farm licenses, and more.
  • Priority Support: Get prioritized communication to your critical questions and support cases seven days a week. Includes access to dedicated enterprise support technicians and networking specialists to help resolve issues quickly.
  • Personalized Training: Get access to small group training, webinars, and on-site assistance customized to suit your businesses use cases.
  • Exclusive Access: Be the first to know about product updates and roadmaps. Enjoy unique access to the product and development teams for creating custom features and improvements designed to fit your organization.

Q. Can I purchase a floating license for the Boris FX Suite?

A. New Perpetual Floating Licenses are no longer available for individual products. Boris FX Suite Annual Subscription is now the only bundle license option available. Existing Floating Licenses can still be renewed.

Q. Can I purchase a permanent license for the Boris FX Suite?

A. At this time, all Boris FX Suite licenses are subscription based.

Q. I own a Boris FX Bundle and would like to upgrade to the Suite. Is that possible?

A. Yes! Please contact for all upgrade and crossgrade options.

Q. Will I receive 5 different activation keys that I will have to keep track of?

A. The Boris FX Suite features one activation key which licenses all products.


Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows 10, Linux (Continuum does not support Linux)

Compatibility: After Effects & Premiere Pro, Media Composer, and OFX hosts Foundry’s Nuke, Resolve, Fusion, VEGAS Pro, and Flame (Continuum does not support Flame)


Continuum Essentials for Avid Media Composer

Continuum Essentials for Avid Media Composer

Nick Harauz guides you through Continuum Essentials for Avid Media Composer in this 20-part, 4-hour series.

3d camera solver mocha pro

Mocha Pro 3D Camera Solver Workflow

John Dickinson of Boris FX walks us through the new Mocha Pro 3D Camera Solver, showing examples created in After Effects and Blender.

Bringing Still Images to Life with Boris FX Suite, After Effects, and Photoshop

Bringing Still Images to Life with Photoshop & After Effects

If you've ever wanted to know how to make still images come to life, as you've seen in documentaries, Nick Harauz from Boris FX shows you how!

keying compositing primatte silhouette

Keying and Compositing Workflow with Primatte and Boris FX Silhouette

In this 2 part series, Ben Brownlee of Boris FX shows how to use Primatte in Silhouette for keying and compositing green screen footage.

Halloween Tutorials Roundup

Halloween Tutorials Roundup #halloween #vfx #tutorial

We LOVE Halloween at Toolfarm and we've been sharing some creepy VFX tutorials, horror film sound design tutorials, and a lot more!

Blood moon optics

Add a Blood Moon with Boris FX Optics #halloween

In this Quick Tip, Mick Harauz shows you how to add a creepy blood moon to your images in just a few steps in Boris FX Optics.

Ghostly Text reveal Sapphire

Ghostly Text Reveal, Sapphire in AE, incl Project File #Halloween

John Dickinson breaks down a ghostly text reveal that he created using Sapphire and Particle Illusion in After Effects.

Silhouette Essentials Roto - 02, The Second Shot

Silhouette Essentials Roto 02... The Second Shot

Boris FX published the free version of Silhouette Essentials 02 - Roto with Katie Morris, a digital VFX artist and trainer.

Beat Reactor

Easy Animation with Beat Reactor

Beat Reactor is now available inside more than 40 plugins in the Boris FX Continuum 2023.5 release. Drive your animation with sound!

continuum super led

Get Started with BCC+ Super LED in Boris FX Continuum 2023.5

Nick Harauz explores Boris FX Continuum BCC+ Super LED, an extremely powerful and robust effect, new in Continuum 2023.5.

Discover the Power of Using AI Image Generators with Boris FX Silhouette

Discover the Power of Using AI Image Generators with Boris FX Silhouette

Elizabeth Postol shows you how you can work directly with AI image generators when compositing in Boris FX Silhouette.

The Art of Rotoscoping with Carlos Conceição

The Art of Rotoscoping with Carlos Conceição

Carlos Conceição gives you basic and advanced techniques and tips to take your rotoscoping skills to the next level.

Modifying Particle Illusion Presets

Modifying Particle Illusion Presets

Boris FX Design Director John Dickinson dives into how to enhance existing Particle Illusion presets during Office Hours from Boris FX.

Blow Away Text with Continuum

Blow Text Away with Continuum Particle Illusion

John Dickinson shows you how to create the effect of text blowing away with Continuum Particle Illusion inside After Effects.

Wendell and Wild

Breaking Down the VFX of Wendell and Wild

Watch Breaking Down the VFX of Wendell and Wild on Boris FX Live, Thursday, November 10th at 2 pm EST. Or, catch the archives later.

Particle Illusion 2022 Deep Dive - Fluid Dynamics

Particle Illusion 2022 Deep Dive - Fluid Dynamics

Check out some of the new features in Boris FX Particle Illusion 2022, available soon as the free application and in the plugin. Amazing!

Mocha Quick Tip: Faster Playback in After Effects 2022

Mocha Quick Tip: Faster Playback in After Effects 2022

Martin Brennand of Boris FX gives a fast and easy solution for getting Faster Playback in After Effects 2022 with Mocha.b

Create the Dune Look

Create the Dune Look with Boris FX, Cinema 4D, After Effects

Create the Dune Look with Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Boris FX Continuum, and Sapphire with John Dickinson.

Procedural Photo Editing & Effects with Boris Optics

Procedural Photo Editing & Effects with Boris FX Optics

Ross Shain dives deep into procedural photo editing and effect with Boris Optics. Learn color correction, masking, optics, and more.

Movie Trailer Graphics

Design Movie Trailer Graphics - Wakanda Forever!

John Dickinson shares his clever creative techniques in this Movie Trailer Graphics tutorial. Download free demos of Boris FX tools today!

Create a Sound Blast Driven By Music with Boris FX Suite, 4 Part Series

Create a Sound Blast Driven By Music, a 4 Part Series from Boris FX

In this tutorial series, Ben Brownlee takes you through how to create a sound blast by using music data, using Boris FX plugins.

boris live ibc 2020

Boris FX Live: Virtual IBC 2020 Presentations, Day 3 is Live!

Watch Boris FX Live presentations for Virtual IBC! They are featuring customer presentations, sneak peeks of 2021 releases, giveaways.


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