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v2024.5 Boris FX Continuum Title Studio

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Boris FX Continuum Title Studio


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Boris Continuum 2024.5

You may download a free Demo after logging in.


Continuum Title Studio is Boris FX’s next-gen 3D vector titling and animation solution. Working directly inside your preferred host, with Title Studio you can easily create 2D/3D vector titles, lower thirds and motion graphics, including OBJ and Maxon C4D format 3D model import and fully editable Adobe Illustrator EPS 2D vector art import.

Title Studio’s powerful hardware accelerated 3D engine gives editors and artists the ability to quickly design and animate 2D/3D vector graphics with complete control over lights, cameras, materials, bevels, extrusions, and more. Title Studio features a modern fully-customizable custom user interface and hundreds of factory-installed professionally designed presets that are fully customizable and accessed via the integrated FX Browser.


Caution: If you already own Boris Continuum, purchasing and installing a new unit or filter will overwrite the whole product and you will only be able to use the filter or unit you purchased.

Updates include improved handling of 3D models from Maxon Cinema 4D with support for more C4D shaders and materials. A new Texture Composite shader, which can be used to add material textures 3D objects with procedural generators, gradients, images, EPS files or even video clips from the filtered host timeline. A new Procedural Noise shader, which includes over a dozen texture types and 15 blending modes, can be used to generate custom materials that can be applied to any 3D element in Title Studio. These custom textures can be saved as new material assets in your Title Studio custom library for easy and quick retrieval in any Title Studio project.

Title Studio can be purchased as part of Continuum, the 3D Objects Continuum Unit or as an individual Premium Filter.


New Improvements

Maxon C4D 3D model integration with Title Studio continues it’s road of improvement and now includes more shaders and materials than ever before. The C4D 3D model support and rendering in Title Studio has been independently reviewed as having the best and most accurate render results of any 3D model plug-in for NLE and compositing systems.

New Texture Composite and Procedural Noise Shaders

With the new Texture Composite shader, you can add and blend material textures directly onto scene elements nested in 3D scene containers or to individual objects within a scene container. Source options for the texture composite shader include gradients, still images, EPS files, text elements, video clips and procedurally generated noise maps. The shader includes 15 independent blending modes including Add, Screen, Overlay, Multiply etc.

The newly added Procedural Noise shader, which is included as an option in the Texture Composite shader includes a dozen different noise generators, each with its own set of customizable and animatable parameters.

Customized textures can be saved as new material assets in your Title Studio custom library for easy and quick retrieval in any Title Studio project.

New C4D 3D Models

We’ve added 15 brand new professionally generated 3D models that were created using Cinema 4D and developed specifically for this version update of Title Studio. Included in this new batch are spherical elements and a series of backdrops, some with curved arc surfaces, some with a lo-poly terrain surface distortions.

The new C4D 3D models can be downloaded here.




Whether you are new to Title Studio, or a seasoned user, the preset driven workflow made possible by the inclusion of the FX Browser accommodates quick and easy generation of static and animated titles in any supported host environment. Title Studio ships with over a thousand professionally designed presets covering everything from static 2D/3D text elements to full blown title animations, every element of which is totally customizable. Browse the library and select a preset from within the FX Browser, change the text and apply back to the host. It’s that simple. Switching to the Advanced Mode enables complete customization of any preset as well as the ability to generate new compositions from scratch.

Custom User Interface

Title Studio includes some host side compositing controls but the real work is done in the custom user interface. The UI is fully customizable and supports 4k monitors with razor sharp text and clearly labelled parameters and although there are factory installed presets to accommodate particular workflows such as title generation, animation, 2D / 3D compositing etc, custom user defined layouts can be saved and switched on the fly. There is no preset limit to the number of layers that can be created in Title Studio and keyframe animation can be carefully controlled with bezier splines in the timeline window.


Get superior results and faster renders. Import Cinema 4D files directly into Title Studio for rendering and animation. Choose from a variety of stock models or create your own. Respects C4D subdivision, reflection, and material information. Supports model features including Symmetry, Array, and Spline Objects.


Along with text objects, Title Studio includes tools for the generation of 2D vector-based geometric shapes, which are quite useful as a backdrop for animated or static lower thirds. Along with the preset user-modifiable shapes such as rectangles, ovals and stars, Title Studio includes a pen tool for the generation of custom shapes. Import of Adobe Illustrator vector EPS files is also supported and imported EPS files can be fully modified directly within the Title Studio UI.


Text elements in Title Studio can be extruded into a 3D text objects with the option for independent material properties on each of the 4 sides of the object as well as control over the bevel style and size. The styling of bevelled edges for extruded text elements can be set to straight, convex, concave or they can customized to any shape drawn with the included pen tool. Extrusion and bevel styles can be saved independently of the project that they were created in and added to the factory installed preset styles, accessed via the Style palette.


Vector shapes, including imported Adobe EPS elements, can be extruded, modeled, beveled, lit and animated in full 3D space just like text objects in Title Studio. Imported and extruded EPS files can be controlled as a single grouped entity as well as having control over each individual shape layer that was used in the creation of the object in Adobe Illustrator. No more round tripping back to graphics for changes or alterations – Title Studio’s non-destructive vector layer approach keeps this live in the edit timeline.


3D models in C4D and OBJ format can be imported into Title Studio’s 3D environment, where they can interact with other 3D shape layers just as one might do with a traditional full blown 3D application. Many of the material assets that were saved with the 3D model will come through into Title Studio and these materials can be modified directly within the Title Studio custom user interface.


The 3D deformer shaders in Title Studio enable you to bend, twist, curl and shatter any element or groups of elements in a full 3D environment with real time feedback. Some of these deformer shaders include auto-animating properties that can ripple, pulse or shatter objects over time without the need to create any keyframes. Title Studio also includes hundreds of professionally designed material shaders that can be used to set the color of any object and reflect the scene into which the objects have been placed.


Title Containers in Title Studio provide fully automated credit animations. Just drag and drop the tracks that you wish to animate and select the desired animation type from the Title Containers pop-up list. It’s that simple – no manual key framing is required. So whether it’s a roll, crawl, fade, zoom, shuffle, or Type-On, Title Studio will automatically generate the necessary keyframes to smoothly animate any elements that have been placed into the Title Container. The Title Container is dynamic, meaning that if you add or subtract elements from the Title Container, Title Studio will automatically update the keyframes and adjust the animation accordingly.

OS Requirements:

  • Mac OSX: 10.15 or higher
    Note that Continuum ML filters require Monterey 12.0 or higher
  • Windows: Windows 10 and 11


Recommended Hardware:

  • Processor: Apple M-series or Intel processors
  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred
  • Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage
  • Graphics Card: Most modern graphics cards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are supported. Click here for a full listing


Licensing options:

Node-locked, Subscription or floating license.
For floating and render license options, please contact us.

Supported Host Applications:

  • ADOBE :
    • After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 (up to versions released at time of Continuum release)
  • AVID :
    • Media Composer 2020.x, 2021.x, 2022.x, 2023.x, 2024.x (up to versions released at time of Continuum release)
  • OFX :
    • DaVinci Resolve Studio and DaVinci Resolve 17.x, 18.x, 19.x
    • Vegas 20, 21
    • Nuke 13, 14, 15
    • (up to versions released at time of Continuum release)


Host & OS Support

For compatibility with specific versions and operating systems, please see the Host Compatibility Page.


Graphics Cards: Guidelines for Graphics Card Support

  • We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application.
  • Graphics Cards must support OpenGL 2.1 or higher.
  • Editing in HD? A graphics card with a minimum of 1GB of RAM is recommended for best performance.
  • Editing in 2K or Higher? A graphics card with a minimum of 2GB of RAM is recommended for the best performance.

New for Continuum 2024.5

  • BCC+ Retimer ML – Generate crisp, clear time warps without nasty artifacts.
  • BCC+ Witness Protection ML – Hide, mask & track multiple faces in record time.
  • BCC+ Color Link – Link the color of a background plate to a foreground layer. Includes 20 built-in blend modes and multiple sampling methods.
  • Updated Effects – Featured in Key and Blend, Warp, Stylize, and Transitions categories. Plus, BCC+ Denoise ML is 2x faster with more models.
  • Particle Illusion Improvements – Use easy-to-use presets to carve an emitter’s position path, quickly replace complex emitters, and find parameters fast with a new built-in search.
  • Performance Boost – Experience speedier playback in the FX Editor and improved performance when Mocha tracking.

Full release notes

New for Continuum 2023.5

  • BCC+ Super LED Effect: Easily pixelate the look of shots, text, or particles.
  • Improved Mocha: Parameter and corner pin tracking now available in BCC+ Lens Flare, BCC+ Super LED, and BCC+ Light effects.
  • Particle Illusion: Adds masking, trails, gradient presets, 3D deflectors, force turbulence, and more.
  • Beat Reactor: Now included in 40 BCC+ effects. Make your effects dance to music.
  • Effects and Transitions: BCC+ Smoke and Fog, BCC+ Light Flicker, BCC+ Orbs, and BCC+ Flutter Cut.
  • More Presets: 150+ new professionally designed and curated presets.

New in Continuum 2023

Now supports Blackmagic Resolve on Mac and improved handling of missing fonts between platforms

New in Continuum 2022

Continuum 2022 delivers dramatic speed gains inside After Effects with Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering support, zippier workflows with native Apple M1 support, and faster overall performance with the addition of more fully GPU-accelerated effects (BCC+).

The cinematography toolkit (BCC+ effects) adds 60 movie/TV-inspired color grade presets, including The Wizard of Oz, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Stranger Things, 50 optical glass texture gobo presets, and integrated Mocha tracking.

Six speedy blur effects with 80 presets give editors and artists more ways to rack focus, apply distortions, spin, zoom, and more. Each blur effect is fully GPU-accelerated and features user-selectable speed/quality options such as box, pyramid, and gaussian. Additionally, the BCC+Prism effect generates prismatic color separation and includes pixel twist and smear options.

An improved PixelChooser has been added to all BCC+ effects. It features full GPU-processing, an easy-to-use interface and allows users to combine multiple mask shapes with gradients and image mattes to isolate filtered pixels.

New in Continuum 2021

Title Studio Enhancements:

  • Procedural Noise texture generators which enable many new texture/bump map looks and also improved accuracy when importing C4D models. Procedural Noise texture generators can be added to an object by first changing the material track to any texture option (except color and flat color). In the texture channel track, change the track media to Procedural to access an array of texture noise options.
  • Multi-Texture options for combining multiple texture sources into a single hybrid texture and for improved accuracy when importing C4D models. A New Multi-Texture shader can be applied to your scene or objects by selecting Texture Composite from the Image Processors category in the Shaders Menu.
  • Improved C4D import including more accurate rendering and faster performance with complex models.
  • Match Z Position to Comp checkbox when working in After Effects, allows matching of AE’s 3D Z param interpretation in order to match other AE 3D controls.
  • UI Enhancements including switching to Inter UI font for TS UI on mac for better legibility across various resolutions

New in Continuum 2020.5

Released May 4th 2020

  • New! Title Studio: Native composite modes & a cast shadow shader
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