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v2.x Mt. Mograph Boombox

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Mt. Mograph Boombox


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Mt. Mograph Boombox

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Mt. Mograph Boombox

Sound designed to move

Mt. Mograph Boombox is a sound design toolkit and audio library for Premiere Pro and After Effects. Perfectly sync studio-quality audio with an interface and tools designed for professional animators.

Boombox was created alongside award-winning composer, Isaac Brockshus, to design an evolving library of audio for motion addicts. Meet Boombox, an intelligent Extension that makes searching and syncing sounds from the growing library effortless — and unexpected.

The most complete sound design toolkit and audio library for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Mt. Mograph Boombox 1

The best royalty-free audio

Studio-grade sound elevates your end project. Use the royalty-free Boombox Library of more than 9500+ custom sounds to add professional polish to your work.

Help from Mt. Mograph Boombox, to find and sync

Sound design just got fun. Search through thousands of sounds in the Boombox Library with custom background Tags and powerful Cue Point metadata, curated by our in-house Composer.

Visual sound designer

Visual sound design for motion designers

See where sounds are placed and how they work together in the new Constellation tool. Packed with features to help you create amazing compositions.

Make it all yours

Create, manage and integrate all of your own sounds and packs in Boombox. Extend the limits of your creativity with a ton of customizable options.

 it yours

Endless sounds packs are your secret weapon

Refreshing or dark, complex or simple — use the Boombox Library of 9300+ sounds and hundreds of custom Tags to find the perfect audio. Your Lifetime License includes fresh monthly releases to stay up-to-date on sound design trends.

Lifetime License – No Subscriptions – Yours Forever

In a world ruled by Subscriptions and Paid Upgrades, you don’t have to worry about Mt. Mograph. When you buy a Mt. Mograph tool, you own your License and get all future updates and improvements, period.

All Future Updates with Auto Update

Mt. Mograph is committed to bringing you the best and most innovative tools. And they listen to you! Submit an in-panel User Request or Bug Report to watch the tool improve with you.

No more digging through websites. Use a built-in Auto-Update system to automatically update to the latest version of your tool.

Compatible Hosts: 

For After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Lifetime License: Future tool improvements and updates are free.

Version 2.6.1



  • Update Windows installer
  • ⚠️ Windows users: restart AE/PR after installing

Version 2.6.0



  • New installers for Adobe 2024+ (still compatible with older versions)

Version 2.5.1



  • Custom path for downloading sound files
  • Live polling indicator and auto-sleep on Constellation page
  • Menu option to add sound to top or bottom of timeline (AEFT)


  • Default project storage menu option to ‘on’
  • Don’t obfuscate sounds added to project
  • Pack update improvements
  • Project folder management improvements

Version 2.5


Added (Premiere Pro)

  • Improve sound insertion for large projects
  • Auto add audio track if none available
  • Select clip after add, cue, or swap


  • Ignore locked tracks when adding sounds

Mobile Engagement II – November 2022

192 new sounds! Mobile Engagement is a playful assortment of notifications, chimes, alarms, menu UI, and even ringtones. Give life to onscreen devices with a colorful mix of foley and synthesized UI.

Crowds – October 2022

140 new sounds! How are we all feelin’ tonight?! Crowds gather laughter, applause, boos, and walla from audiences small-to-large in concert venues, reception halls, and comedy clubs.

Tactile Feelings II – September 2022

A whopping 780 new sounds! Flip through textured materials like fabrics, paper, and synthetics. These materials are ruffled, flapped, yanked, torn, and bunched (and rubbed and wrinkled and creased and cut and rolled) …

Semi-Charmed – August 2022

222 new sounds. Semi-Charmed brings all the staples of a thrilling adventure game. Float through a fantasy world of ethereal UI sounds and musical gestures. Or, embrace your dark side and cast spells through the thicket of enemies.

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