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Toolfarm’s 3D Renderers Poll Results are In!

The Results: 3D Renderers Survey

Thank you to everyone who took our recent survey on 3D Renderers. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the data and comments. But first…

V-Ray logoOur 3D Renderers Poll V-Ray Drawing Winner

We gave away a one-year subscription to Chaos V-Ray during the contest. Our winner was Maceo Quadri from Switzerland, and he is a Cinema 4D user. Check out his fantastic architectural work on Flickr.

Congratulations, Maceo!

3D Renderers Poll: The Results!

We had 108 responses to our poll and while this wasn’t a large pool of users, the data is compelling.

Host Applications

Respondents chose their primary host application for 3D work.
3d host bar graph
To break that down a bit more, respondents could choose more than one option:

  • Almost 60% of respondents use only Cinema 4D.
  • 6.5% use Cinema 4D and Houdini.
  • Another 5.6% use only Maya.
  • 2.8% use only 3ds Max
  • 1.9% use Houdini.
  • 1.9% use Blender
  • 1.9% use Cinema 4D and Maya.
  • 1.9% use Cinema 4D and Blender
  • The remaining host applications consist of less than 1%.

Which is your primary 3D renderer?

3D Poll Results
 Redshift by Maxon40.7%
 Octane Render17.6%
 Chaos V-Ray11.1%
 Arnold Render8.3%
 Corona Renderer7.4%
 Insydium Cycles 4D1.9%
Other renderers received tied for less than 1% of the vote.

Why did you choose this renderer?

Note, users could select multiple answers so the total is not 100%.
Users explained their primary considerations when it comes to picking a renderer.

  • 59.8% – Ease of Use
  • 52.3% – Main Features
  • 43.9% – Price
  • 21.5% – Have experience with this renderer
  • 15% – Company reputation
  • 15% – Most popular in industry
  • 3% – Renderer used in University
  • 2% – Speed
  • Other answers accounted for less than 1%.

Do you use other renderers depending on the type of work you are doing?

The write-in answers gave more insight into the workflow. We’ve added a few comments from our poll below, but left the submitter’s name anonymous.

Some users have tried many different renderers:

I also use C4D Standard/Physical, Arnold, and dabbled in U-Render, Cycles4D, Octane, and 3Delight. But have only used Redshift, Arnold, and built-in C4D engines for work mostly.

KeyShot – best results in product presentation,
Cycles4D – fast together with Insydium

Redshift for fast GPU renders and U-Render for fast GPU RT renders

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Respondents could comment about anything they like here, with regards to 3D render engines. This section of the poll had a few forecasts about the future of 3D renderers. Again, the comments are from Anonymous users.

Redshift for Blender (currently in beta). Once released, it will be hard not to chuck the high priced C4D for Blender.

I’m in content creation as a generalist… so I 100% understand and respect other packages for what they specialize in and the markets they work with. My 2 decades of 3D just hasn’t seen much better. I’ve seen a few renderers with the output I envy… but only the slightest of details… throw in the learning curve and cost…

In Depth 3D Renderers

In Depth: Which 3D render engine is best?

Indeed, there are so many 3D Renderers available. So, how does an artist know what to choose? Essentially, renderers really do the same thing. However, they work differently will give different results. Check out a breakdown of what the different renderers offer, not reviews, so you can decide which renderer is right for you.

Read more

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