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Update: Left Angle Autograph 2023.11.v1, Biggest Update Yet!

Autograph 2023.11.v1

Left Angle has been busy at work with the Autograph 2023.11.v1 release. This new update includes key features like new audio system capabilities, revamped shape and text engines, workflow & UI enhancements, and so much more!

Left Angle Autograph

Left Angle Autograph

Next Gen creative tools for Motion Design, Visual Effects and Mass Custom Video Production

Left Angle Autograph is a 2D and 3D graphic composition program, loaded with high-quality, accessible tools for digital artists.

Autograph is the new leading application that allows digital artists to reach the creative and artistic heights of the future. Crafted with both the motion design and visual effects industries in mind, Autograph allows artists to work with speed and precision.

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What’s New in Autograph 2023.11.v1

From the Left Angle Blog:

  • Import audio files in the Project panel and use them in a separate, dedicated section in the Timeline that’s synchronized with the image section. Make use of multi-channel capabilities (mono, stereo, etc.), and an audio channel remapping system, for example, to convert your 5.1 audio files to stereo.
  • Use new Generators that can analyze an audio signal spectrum using specific frequencies to drive any parameter computed in real time, without having to create keyframes! We aim to make this simple and accessible while providing the ability to perform many useful tasks like managing layer rotation, image distortion, and the content of a text layer, based on an audio track’s low frequencies.
  • Try new Modifiers dedicated to audio filtering, such as a very robust parametric equalizer for frequencies – perfect for filtering a beat to drive parameters!
  • Similar to compositions, Autograph lets you put together several audio tracks in an Audio Mix, which can be used as a sub-track for another Audio Mix. Audio Mixes can also be used as a Generator source for greater control over audio-driven animations.
Autograph 2023.11.v1  UI

Revamped shape engine

We wanted to make animating shapes even easier, and Autograph’s all-new shape engine includes even better-advanced tools for all of your projects.

  • Use our new Shape Layers for easily creating shapes with simple interactions and find new procedural shapes directly in the shape tool for easy access. Combine styles to animate tons of parameters.
  • Need to quickly animate multiple shapes? Use the new Shape Instancer, similar to our Image Instancer, to easily select which shape(s) you want to instantiate. This key tool will save you more time and facilitate your workflow.
  • You can now draw paths from external tables using coordinates, making it easy to create projects that use regularly changing data, like weather precipitation changes over time or stock market evolution!
  • Try the new Noise Modifier for altering shape contours, and the new Audio Displace Modifier to use an Audio Mix to displace shape points.

Your words, your way

Autograph’s all-new dedicated text panel makes creating text animation projects so much easier with customization and styling features that can be applied to characters as well as paragraphs.

  • Use Text Animators and Wiggly Selectors for randomly modifying properties for each character.
  • Try out Shape Generators based on text to dynamically create deformable, animatable paths including Text Animators.

Workflow & UI enhancements

In addition to newer features, we’ve added major enhancements for convenience and quick control.

  • Multi-edit capabilities have been added across the board for quickly editing properties across layers. A new motion blur global control in compositions lets you quickly control motion blur for each layer in a composition. Custom motion blur settings for each layer are also still available.
  • New Timeline Work Areas are available for defining the playback range of interest. You can create multiple Work Areas, which come in handy when working on specific parts of a composition at the same time (e.g. intro/outro), working on short animations, and more. Work Areas are also available in the Render Manager, so you can easily render only specific portions of a composition.
  • For more flexibility when editing keyframes, we’ve added the keyframe editing panel in the Timeline, in addition to its usual spot in the curve editor. The Timeline now also has a better scroller for easily zooming in and out.
  • As we continue to expand our support for the working environments and tools you use, we are happy to announce that Linux builds now officially support RHEL-based distributions (Rocky Linux, Alma)!
  • Autograph now has a CPU-only renderer that can run on servers. Although 3D is not yet supported, but will be in the future.
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