Freebie: CamTrackAR FREE 3D Camera Tracker for iOS + Master Class


CamTrackAR is a free tool virtual production studio for your iPhone or iPad from FXhome. Below, episode 1 of the CamTrackAR FREE 3D Master Class. The free version includes download for HitFilm and Blender, while the paid version includes export to After Effects, plus .fbx, .json, and .csv files.

The world’s first mobile virtual production studio for iOS. Capture video and 3D tracking data simultaneously in CamTrackAR, and get dynamic 3D model placement, world-leading chroma key technology, and the ability to import virtual backgrounds for professional pre-visualization.

Download CamTrackAR in the App Store

CamTrackAR Guide #1: The Basics

Javier teaches the class. In the video, he first explains what CamTrackAR is, how to install it, and walks you through the interface and how to transfer files.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki