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Chaos Cosmos – Update 11

chaos cosmos update 11

Chaos has added 650 new high-quality 3D models and materials to Cosmos, the free 3D content collection for architects and designers.  These assets from AXYZ, Enscape, Corona, and more will greatly enhance your spaces and architectural renderings.

What’s new in Cosmos Update 11?

The latest Chaos Cosmos asset drop is here — and it’s a big one! With Chaos Cosmos Update 11, we’ve added many more people assets, hundreds of materials, realistic vegetation, furniture from prestigious manufacturers, and new HDRI environments. You’ll also find it easier to use Cosmos and submit ideas to the team.

People, materials, and plants

  • 190 high-quality people models by AXYZ and Enscape to help designers and archviz artists create engaging and vibrant visualizations.
  • 336 miscellaneous materials from the native Corona material library, which are now part of the V-Ray Material library category under Chaos Cosmos.
  • 57 models of trees and plants by Globe Plants and Enscape.


New furniture, accessories, and HDRI environments

Chaos has partnered with Man of Parts, Bizzarto, Scandicsofa, Academy Design, and Dion — furniture design and production companies that focus on quality, originality, functionality, convenience, and comfort. Their new partners will enrich the Cosmos digital furniture collection with:

  • 25 tables, floor lamps, lounge and dining chair models with forward-looking signature designs by Man of Parts
  • 10 elegant, hand-made sofa and armchair models by Bizzarto
  • 10 stylish sofa and bedroom furniture models by Scandicsofa
  • 10 modular sofa and chair models by Dion
  • 7 stunning outdoor cabana and daybed models by Academy Design


  • 22 brand new indoor decorations, including vases, lamps, and cushions, from Chaos Cylindo
  • 10 high-quality HDRI panoramic environments from their new partner, HDRI Skies

Improved ease-of-use

  • Multi-asset selection – Accelerate your content workflow with the help of the multi-asset selection tool to quickly and easily select, download, update, and delete multiple assets. Multi-asset import is also in our roadmap and will be available in one of our next updates.
  • Ideas Portal – Is there something — or someone — you’d love to see in Chaos Cosmos? Or a new feature that would help you out? Access the Ideas Portal and submit your ideas to the Cosmos team.
  • Improvements in the Cosmos Browser user experience – With Cosmos Update 11, the Cosmos Browser UI is more responsive, allowing users to experience more fluid transitions while exploring and using 3D assets.

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Chaos Enscape

Chaos Enscape

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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