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New: Chaos Corona 9 for 3ds Max & Cinema 4D

Chaos Corona 9 is available now for both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. One Corona 9 license gives users access to both hosts!

Chaos Corona 9 is available now for both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. This update adds powerful new features to your subscription. Moreover, one Corona 9 license gives users access to renderers for both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D!

In brief, new features in Chaos Corona 9 include:

Procedural Clouds

Fine-tune your skies to fit different scenes, and animate them with ease, unlike HDRIs which are hard to modify and impossible to animate. This works with the existing sun and sky, so clouds realistically react to dawn, noon, and other times of the day.

Corona Pattern

Now you can tile geometry just as you would tile bitmaps. You will achieve much greater realism using actual geometry in place of opacity or displacement maps, and it even reduces memory requirements.

Edge Trimming in Chaos Scatter

This Chaos Scatter update gives you control over lawns, for example, so you can keep that edging neat and tidy.

Chaos Scans, Player, and Phoenix

Lots of new functionality, from ultra-realistic complex materials in Chaos Scans to realistic fire and water in Phoenix, is now included with Corona Premium.

Lots of smaller improvements

Depth of Field from the fisheye camera, new Material Override settings to preserve slicers, out-of-core texture rendering to save some memory at render time, and more.

Updates to the Licensing

The Corona Licensing has been updated, with one license now covering both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, and with the Premium tier including some new Chaos tools such as Chaos Phoenix, Scans, and Player. You can view the new licensing details on the purchase page.

Trial Refresh

All users, even on a trial, get a full 30-day trial refresh to try out both the new features and the new products added to the subscription. Download and install Corona 9 from the link below, and try out all the new features.

Chaos Corona

Chaos Corona

Realism without the headaches.

Corona is the only render engine built from the ground up with a specific focus on the needs of the archviz community. While capable and well-liked in the fields of automotive and product visualization, its UI, feature set, pricing, and ease of use are primarily driven by what architectural visualizers require.

While remaining unique with its own development team, code, and community, Corona now also benefits from being part of the Chaos platform, giving its users access to many of the industry-standard tools created by Chaos.

Learn MoreTry Chaos Corona for free!

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