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Freebie: AWS Thinkbox Krakatoa, XMesh, Frost, Stoke – Now Open Source

aws open sourced thinkbox

AWS Thinkbox artist tools for Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max are now Open Sourced.  Krakatoa MY and XMesh MY for Maya and Krakatoa MX, XMesh MX, Frost MX, and Stoke MX for 3ds Max are designed to simplify rendering, VFX, and simulation workflows.

AWS is dedicated to supporting content production customers by providing artists and studios broader accessibility to AWS Thinkbox products. Inspired by customer feedback, AWS has open sourced Krakatoa MY, XMesh MY, Krakatoa MX, XMesh MX, Frost MX, and Stoke MX empowering customers by providing them choice, the ability to customize the tools to meet their needs, and make more informed long-term decisions.

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You can access the source code from GitHub for KrakatoaMY, XMeshMY, KrakatoaMX XMeshMX, FrostMX, and StokeMX.

AWS Thinkbox Plug-ins

  • Krakatoa is a volumetric particle rendering, manipulation, and management toolkit – Learn More
  • XMesh is a geometry caching solution – Learn More
  • Frost is used for generating a single mesh from particles – Learn More
  • Stoke is a particle and volumetric simulation tool – Learn More


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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