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Free film grain overlays Freebie Fridays

Film Grain Overlays can give your digital video a more organic filmic look. There are plenty of plug-ins to add film grain to your projects but it can also be done with an overlay of film grain. Here are several resources, plus I’ll list some plugins for creating your own film grain with plugins, no matter your NLE or host.

5 Free Film Grain Overlays from Shutterstock

Premium Beat has an article about why you should use Film Grain overlays on your digital video projects, plus, they mentioned the 5 free film grains from Shutterstock that you can download.

Why You Should Be Using Film Grain on Digital Video

Get the Free Film Grain Overlays from Shutterstock

Holy Grain

Download 35mm film grain scans, complete with dust and scratches, for a cinematic or vintage film look. This works with all of your favorite hosts including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCP X, DaVinci Resolve, and other hosts and NLEs.

Download Holy Grain

18 Free Film Grain Overlays from Motion Array

Download some freebies from a big list that Motion Array has put together. The video, below, explains how to use them.

Go to Motion Array

121 Free Film Grain & Light Leaks for Film & Video Editors

This one is a post from 2013 from Vashi Visuals but, still, it has a lot of great resources that are relevant.

See the list


Free 4K Film Grain from HyperProjector

HyperProjector has free samples of 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film grain overlays.

Get the free samples



Creating Film Grain with Plugins

With plug-ins, you can completely customize the grain on your digital video. You can be in charge of the amount of the grain, the color of the grain, the amount of flicker, and more.

FilmConvert for OFX (DaVinci, Vegas, Scratch)FilmConvert

Give Digital camera footage the color and grain of your favorite film stocks
Our intuitive software that takes care of the technology so you, the filmmaker, can focus on creating magical cinematic experiences for your audience. Easily add FilmConvert into your existing workflow and in just a few clicks, you are able to choose from 19 motion and still film stocks crafted and optimized scientifically to work with the sensor in your digital camera.

Host support for OFX, Adobe, FCP, Avid, and Photoshop

For all Hosts

To download a trial version, click on the product page.



Red Giant Magic Bullet FilmRed Giant Magic Bullet Film

The look of real motion picture film

Give your footage chemistry. Magic Bullet Film gives your digital footage the look of real film by emulating the entire photochemical process – from the original film negative to color grading, and finally to the print stock – all in real-time.

Note: Magic Bullet Film is only available as part of the Magic Bullet Suite.

Learn More

To download a trial version, click on the product page.


Kingluma Granularity Kingluma Granularity

A better film grain effect for Final Cut Pro

Granularity for FCPX is a realistic film grain simulation that lends a warm, organic look to your video. Granularity will also help you minimize banding and compression artifacts. Available exclusively for Final Cut Pro.

Learn More

To download a trial version, click on the product page.



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