Freebie: RX 8 Presets designed by Michael Brauer

free rx 8 presets

iZotope has recently released RX 8, professional audio repair software.  And now they are offering a pack of free RX 8 presets.  Designed by GRAMMY-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer, the presets help clean up noise and refine guitar recordings.


RX 8 presets designed by Michael Bauer

Easily clean up clicks, refine guitar recordings, and remove troublesome noise with Michael Bauer’s RX 8 Preset Pack. Remove distracting, low-end hum and plosives from any type of audio file, polish your vocalist’s performance with a Vocal Cleaning Module Chain, use intuitive controls to negotiate amp hiss, fret squeaks, and pick attacks using the brand-new Guitar De-noise module.

Please note, RX 8 Elements users will not be able to use the Guitar De-noise preset included in the video, as Guitar De-noise is only available in RX 8 Standard and Advanced.

Download the free rx 8 presets


iZotope RX 8

RX has long been the go-to audio repair and polishing suite for film, television, music, podcasts, video games, sample libraries, and more. With RX 8, we’ve created new tools and improved beloved modules to help you accomplish more in less time than ever.

What’s new in RX 8?

With version 8 we’ve added new features across the product lineup to speed up workflows and address new repair problems that plague today’s dialogue and music tracks. And we’ve also updated the Post Production Suite to include even more tools and value, making it the definitive choice for post production.

izotope rx 8 standard boxRX 8 Standard
RX8 Standard is the audio repair toolkit used on countless albums, movies and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition.
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izotope rx 8 advanced boxRX 8 Advanced
Designed specifically for the demanding needs of post production professionals.  RX 8 Advanced continues to be the industry standard audio repair tool used on movies and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha