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v10 iZotope RX Advanced

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iZotope RX Advanced


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iZotope RX 10

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iZotope RX Advanced

The Industry Standard for Audio Repair

2021 Toolfarm People’s Choice Awards Customer FavoriteRX 10 Advanced is the award-winning audio repair suite trusted by leading post-production engineers who need to quickly and reliably prepare audio for professional release. Traverse dialogue recordings with the new Text Navigation feature that generates and displays transcriptions of speech, re-synthesize missing frequencies in bandwidth-limited recordings with the upgraded Spectral Recovery, and save time removing unwanted hum with the new Dynamic Adaptive mode in De-Hum — with multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

The Smart Solution for Clear Audio

Things break. So does audio. Recorded sound is rarely perfect – in fact, it’s often in really bad shape. That’s why you need RX, the award-winning audio repair suite that helps restore, clean up, and improve recordings in post-production, music, and content creation.

Built on decades of iZotope research, RX 10 is the most intuitive and intelligent version we’ve ever made. From analyzing audio capture and production issues to providing processing solutions, RX speeds up your editing workflow, salvages poor audio takes that were once unfixable, and delivers reliably clear sound quality.

Whether you are editing a podcast, recording a full band, or working on a blockbuster movie, RX 10 enables you to captivate audiences by bringing out the best in recorded audio.

RX Comparison Chart

Click the DETAILS Tab to see the differences between RX Advanced, Standard, and Elements in our clearly laid out chart.

RX Comparison chart

RX 10 Advanced features

  • Text Navigation [NEW]
  • Multiple Speaker Detection [NEW]
  • Repair Assistant plug-in [NEW]
  • Selection Feathering [NEW MODE]
  • Spectral Recovery [NEW ALGORITHM]
  • First-time User Experience [NEW]
  • De-hum Dynamic Adaptive Mode [NEW MODE]
  • Dialogue Isolate

What’s new in RX 10?

Repair Assistant Plug-in

May we assist you?

If you’re new to audio repair, or you just want to save time, try the new Repair Assistant Plug-in, which uses machine learning to find and fix audio issues quickly without leaving your DAW. The Assistant automatically recognizes specific problems and intelligently proposes a repair chain that you can modify to your liking with easy-to-use dials. More than just an upgrade of the previous Repair Assistant, this plug-in was built from the ground up.

Text Navigation

Navigate through words.

Even if you love spectrograms as much as we do, navigating long dialogue files can be time-consuming, especially when seeking specific events in a recording. Now you can see what you hear with the new Text Navigation function. It analyzes dialogue and displays a text transcription above the spectrogram that’s in sync with the corresponding audio. So you can now search for specific words in an audio file and also select and edit the recording using text. [This navigation feature will only be available in English for RX 10.]

Multiple Speaker Detection

Who’s talking?

Are you working on a single audio track with more than one speaker? Save time navigating through the file by using Multiple Speaker Detection to help find and tag the sections of speech associated with each individual voice. This is incredibly helpful especially when different speakers require different processing.

Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum [Standalone Editor]

Adapt to the noise.

Save time removing unwanted hum with the new Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum. Get rid of hums and buzzes on the fly, without having to spend time learning the noise profile of your audio. Eliminating electromagnetic interference or other complex noise that changes pitch can now be done automatically without sacrificing quality.

Upgraded Spectral Recovery

Aim high (and low).

Is your recording lacking highs and lows? Was it recorded on a mobile phone or using non-studio-grade equipment? Spectral Recovery can help to bring life back to thin-sounding audio to match the rest of your productions. The new version improves upon the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can now add missing lower frequencies, too.

First Time User Experience

Is it THAT simple?

RX is complex. That’s why we added the First Time User Experience, an interactive tour to guide you through the software. Whether you’re new to RX or catching up with the latest version, we have a tour for you.

Additional enhancements in RX 10 and PPS 7

  • Make smoother edits with improved Selection Feathering, which now also works in the frequency domain. [Standard and Advanced]
  • Our surround reverbs, Stratus and Symphony 3D by Exponential Audio, have been updated to run natively on Apple silicon and feature a refreshed look. [Post Production Suite 7]
  • RX Elements now consists of the brand new Repair Assistant plug-in and five component plugins: De-Hum (with updated Dynamic Mode), De-Click, De-Clip, Voice De-Noise, and De-Reverb. [Elements]

Explore all features on the Details Tab.


RX Comparison Chart

RX ElementsRX StandardRX Advanced
Standalone Editor New
Text Navigation New
Multiple Speaker Detection New
Repair Assistant Plug-in* New
Selection Feathering New
De-hum Dynamic Adaptive Mode* New
First-Time User Experience New
Spectral Recovery New
Dynamic De-hum*
Dialogue Isolate**
Ambience Match**
Spectral Editor
Restore Selection
Expandable History List
Voice De-noise*
Music Rebalance***
Repair Assistant
Guitar De-noise*
Static De-hum*
Breath Control*
Mouth De-click*
Spectral De-noise*
Spectral Repair
Batch Processor
RX Connect
RX Monitor
Dialogue Contour
Dialogue De-reverb
Spectral Recovery
Center Extract
Wow & Flutter
Third-party plug-in hosting
Find Similar
Module Chain
Module list filters
Signal Generator
Composite View
Recording and monitoring
Loudness Control
Variable Time
Variable Pitch
Instant Process
EQ Match
Surround Support
* = Available as a plug-in
** = Available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite
*** = Available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite and in Logic Pro X as an ARA 2.0 plug-in



RX 10 Advanced Features

New Features in RX 10

Text Navigation + Multiple Speaker Detection (New)

Use the new Text Navigation to instantly see what you hear. This feature will analyze your dialogue and display the text right on the spectrogram timeline.

Dealing with a file featuring more than one voice? RX 10‘s Multiple Speaker Detection can automatically distinguish between different voices so you can apply per-person processing for a consistent mix throughout.

Repair Assistant Plug-in (New)

The new assistant plug-in automatically recognizes the problem and proposes a repair chain, tweakable with a couple of easy-to-use dials. Rather than simply making a plug-in version of the current Repair Assistant, this plug-in was built from the ground up.

Adaptive Dynamic Mode in De-hum (New)

Save time removing any unwanted hum with the new Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum which no longer requires analysis of audio material but lets you start getting rid of noise on the go in the Audio Editor.

Upgraded Spectral Recovery (New)

Is your recording lacking highs and lows? Was it recorded by mobile phone or any other non-studio-grade equipment? The neural net in Spectral Recovery was updated to improve the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can now recreate missing lower frequencies too.

Selection Feathering (Improved)

Selection Feathering now works in the time and frequency domains.


Popular RX features

Spectral Repair

Use familiar drawing tools to identify, select, and repair problem frequencies or unwanted sounds.

Spectral De-noise

Remove unwanted tonal and broadband noise from any type of recording with unparalleled clarity and control.

Dialogue De-reverb

Rescue production audio with too much reverb to avoid ADR using a machine learning algorithm optimized to separate dialogue from reverb.


Automatically identify and remove clicks, pops, and digital impulse noises that can ruin a listening experience.


Remove the noise or rustle generated by a lavalier microphone rubbing or brushing against a person’s clothing.


Remove the low frequency rumble that occurs when intermittent bursts of wind come into contact with a microphone diaphragm.

Music Rebalance

Control the gain of vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments of mixes to reanimate a mix, create instrumental versions, or even isolate vocals.


Recover recordings with digital and analog clipping artifacts caused when A/D converters are pushed too hard or magnetic tape is over-saturated.


Operating Systems

  • Mac: macOS Catalina (10.15.7) – macOS Monterey (12.5.x) *
  • Windows: Windows 10, 11

* Supported on Intel Macs & Apple silicon Macs (Apple M1 chips) in Rosetta 2 and native

Plug-in Formats

AU, AAX, AAX Audiosuite, VST3, AU ARA (Spectral Editor ARA & Music Rebalance ARA)*.

* All plug-in formats are 64-bit only. VST2 is no longer supported.

  • RX 10 AU ARA plug-ins are compatible with Logic Pro only.
  • RX 10 Ambience Match, Dialogue Isolate, and De-rustle plug-ins are available as AAX Audiosuite plug-ins in Pro Tools only.

Supported Hosts (DAWs and NLES):

Logic Pro 10.6.3 – 10.7.x, Pro Tools 2021 – 2022, Ableton Live 11, Cubase 11 – 12, Nuendo 12, Studio One 5, Reaper 6, FL Studio 20, Audition CC 2022, Premiere Pro CC 2022.

RX 10 Audio Editor: Plug-in Hosting

AU and VST2 plug-ins can be hosted in the RX Audio Editor.
Note: VST2 plug-in hosting will be deprecated and replaced with VST3 plug-in hosting in a future RX 10 patch.


What’s new in RX 10?

  • Text Navigation: Automatic speech to text transcription of English language audio with a fuzzy search for finding words and variants.
  • Multiple Speaker Detection ADV: Works as part of Text Navigation to automatically find and color-code the sections of speech associated with different speakers.
  • Repair Assistant: Fully re-designed from the ground up with new analysis, processing and a streamlined UI. And now there’s a new plug-in version.
  • Spectral Recovery ADV: New neural nets deliver substantially better quality for resynthesizing upper frequencies and now have the ability to resynthesize lower frequencies as well.
  • De-Hum Adaptive Dynamic Mode: Automatically eliminate electromagnetic interference and other complex noises that change pitch over time without having to learn a noise profile.
  • Selection Feathering: Now includes frequency feathering and has been moved from Preferences to the main window.
  • First Time User Experience: Product tours for new and returning users on how to use RX and what’s new in RX 10.
  • Automatic Preset Migration: RX 9 presets are automatically copied to RX 10.

What’s new in RX 9.3?

Version 9.3.0 released February 24, 2022


  • Adds native support for Apple silicon-based Macs.
  • RX ARA plug-ins are currently supported in Logic Pro only when opened using Rosetta.
  • RX VST2 plug-ins do not include native support and are available only in DAWs/NLEs opened using Rosetta.
  • RX app: VST2 plug-in hosting can only be enabled when the RX application is opened using Rosetta.
  • Adds support for macOS Monterey (12.2.x).
  • Adds support for Windows 11.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes incorrect display of preset name when toggling between multiple instances of the same module in a given Module Chain.
  • Fixes issue that caused the waveform overview magnitude zoom level reset to default after rendering.
  • Fixes error message that would appear when attempting trial or demo an RX plug-in in Logic running in native mode.


What’s new in RX 9?

  • Enhanced separation with Dialogue Isolate [Advanced only]: Using iZotope machine learning, this new version of Dialogue Isolate makes it easier than ever to extract clean dialogue from its environment, without artifacts. Instantly separate speech from crowds, traffic, footsteps, weather, and more.
  • Complex Ambience Match [Advanced Only]: Now you can seamlessly connect dialogue and ADR cuts with real background movement and textures with the new Complex mode in Ambience Match. Quickly match ambiences never before possible: ocean, wind, traffic, crowds, and more!
  • Dynamic De-hum: Use the new Dynamic Mode in RX 9’s De-Hum to instantly remove any amount of hum, wireless ring, or interference, without artifacts or affecting the audio quality. In one pass, eliminate radio and transmitter interference, camera and generator hum, and more.
  • Restore Selection: Roll back an audio selection to any previous step in your History list to get the best combination of audio processing from any point in time.
  • Expandable History list: Now view up to 30 steps of undo history for quick reference.
  • Spectral Editor: Clean up unwanted sounds directly in Logic® using the new Spectral Editor, built on the ARA plug-in extension. Select noise and remove it without having to toggle between Logic and RX.

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