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One-Click Audio Noise Removal with RX 5 Instant Process

One-Click Audio Noise Removal with RX 5 Instant Process

“In RX 5 Audio Editor, we’ve taken the most powerful features of the Spectral Repair, De-click, and other modules and made them available in a fast, easy-to-use way. Instant Process is a mode that can be toggled on and off by clicking on the large button labeled “Instant Process” in the RX toolbar, or pressing the key.

With Instant Process Mode enabled, any selection you make is immediately repaired, so that you can simply paint an audio problem away without needing to open a module, choose settings, and then click process. You can choose one of five intelligent modes: Attenuate, Declick, Fade, Gain, or Replace and any selection you make will immediately analyze the audio within the selection and apply that process.” – iZotope

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RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor is included with the new RX Post Production Suite. Get more work done, faster, and deliver ahead of schedule with powerful, time-saving tools for editing, mixing, and delivering!

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