Freebie: iToo Forest Pack: New photoscanned rocks and leaves presets

Freebie: iToo Forest Pack: New photoscanned rocks and leaves presets

iToo is offering 2 new libraries of photoscanned rocks and leaves, free for Forest Pack 6 users via the Update Manager.

The new high quality Rocks library contains 42 photoscanned rocks in many different sizes, plus 6 ready-made presets to create large areas of rocks with only a few clicks.

The new leaves library includes 6 new presets with details version for close ups and  large version for covering bigger areas. Like the rocks, the leaves were all created using photoscanned data.

Both libraries include materials for V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, Mental Ray and Scanline renderers. They work really well combined with the Layered Lawns presets already available in Forest Pack 6.

To get the free libraries, you need to have the Update Manager that comes with Forest Pack 6.  Open the Update Manager to download the libraries.

Learn more about the new libraries and a step by step guide to downloading them on iToo's Blog.

Don't have Forest Pack 6?

These libraries are available for free to all users running Forest Pack 6 or above.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha